3 Keys to an Extraordinary Marriage

Your marriage is perfectly positioned to be the marriage God has in mind.

Do you believe that?

No matter your age, stage of life or state of marriage, you are only a few choices away from an extraordinary marriage.  For those that know our story, you know that God brought our marriage back from the brink of death. Over the past five years we’ve had the honor of speaking into thousands of marriages and seeing many move from average to amazing.

Everyone wants a great marriage, but most couples are embarrassed to ask for help or don’t know where to go to find the help needed. We are excited to share with you a new video series we just created called

3 Keys to an Extraordinary Marriage. 3keys

Here is the best part…this video series is TOTALLY FREE.

In these 3 FREE videos we’ll share with you some small choices we’ve made that have had huge benefits in our marriage.

This video series isn’t a magic pill or 3 HAPPY HOPS to a great marriage. If you know us, you know that isn’t our style.

Each video is 6-8 minutes long and filled with practical advice and thought provoking content aimed to not change your behavior but transform your heart and the heart of your marriage.


To encourage you to be a part of this FREE video series, we are giving away some really cool stuff.  Here is what we’re giving away:

1. Amazon Kindle Fire HD ($139 value)

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How do you win?

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It is that easy. Winners will be announced on Saturday, July 12.

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    I SHARED IT and signed up! By the way, You guys really give me hope. Thank you.

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    Shared and signed up. So thankful for your ministry. We are learning so much from your 52 week refine us marriage lessons.

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    I want to thank you for being at the NACC I learned so much from you. I’m not married but I am engaged to be married and you taught me alot thanks again and God Bless

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    I love this short video. I can’t wait for the next one. I have shared it with my friends via Facebook to enter into your contest and even more importantly to encourage my married friends! Thanks for your ministry!

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    Excited to listen. There can never be enough tools in the toolbox of a healthy marriage

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    I love this families heart! Way to not give up. With God all things are possible.

  29. I have signed up and shared the news!! God Bless u both for helping breathe life back into marriage♡♡♡

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  57. Love that your providing these resources. I just found out today about another friend who’s getting divorced. I’m tired of people giving up on their marriages and hoping these resources can also help my wife and I be of help to couples who are debating divorce as the “solution” to their unhappiness.

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