30 Days of Hope

Last summer Trish looked at me with kindness in her heart and compassion in her eyes and said, “You’re not right, you need to go back to counseling.” Sometimes the most loving thing is the truth. So I went to see my counselor.

I wasn’t experiencing joy. No matter how many churches we spoke at, no matter how many marriages we helped, no matter how many books we sold, no matter what our monthly income was…I would experience a short burst of happiness, but not sustained joy.

That wasn’t my biggest issue. The more daunting problem was I didn’t know why. I knew something was broken, but I had no idea why it was broken.

During my second counseling session, my counselor said, “If you could do THE one thing you know God’s created you to do, what would it be?” Without hesitating, I said, “Move to Indianapolis and start a church.”

He said, “That’s your calling. Living out your calling is where you find joy.”

That counseling session, multiple family conversations and many prayers, gave birth to the dream of Hope City Church.

I love this quote from author Erwin McMannus:

“Jesus invites us into a community where imperfect people can find acceptance, love, forgiveness and a new beginning.”

That is my story. That is your story too. You and I have been invited into a community of mess-ups and mistake-makers and, because of Jesus, we can find grace and second chances.

That is the dream of Hope City Church. We can’t accomplish this dream alone.IMG_9808

Today, we are launching a thirty-day campaign called, 30 Days of Hope (#30DaysOfHope) and we are inviting you to be a part. Over the next 30 days we have a goal of raising $80,000. That sounds insane, but here is how we can do that.

50 friends willing to commit $100 per month for six months.

50 friends investing a one time donation of $1000

Maybe you can’t give monthly or contribute that large of a donation. Every prayer prayed and dollar given helps bring hope ot the city of Indianapolis.

You can see all the reasons why Indianapolis needs a church like Hope City here: hopecitychurch.us.

Will you be a part of inviting imperfect people into the hope of a new beginning?

Click HERE to give a one time or reoccurring tax-deductible donation to Hope City Church

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