30 Something Things I Love About Trisha Davis

20 years ago, we fell in love. The boys and I love doing life with you! Happy 30-something birthday my love!

I love you Trisha and I am so grateful for you. Here are 39ish ;) of the 3.9 million things I love about you.

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1. I love your beautiful blue eyes.

2. I love that you believe in grace and second chances.

3. I love your sacrificial heart.

4. I love the way you cheer others on.

5. I love your laugh.

6. I love that you love big and without reservation.

7. I love the mother you are to our boys.

8. I love your willingness to allow your story to impact others.  

9. I love your lips.

10. I love the compassion you have for those that are hurting.

11. I love the way you trust God…it inspires me.

12. I love the way you tuck your hair behind your ears.

13. I love that you give 100% to everything you are called to do.

14. I love your hands.

15. I love that you are bandwagon sports fan.

16. I love how you microwave a cup of coffee two or three times before finishing it. :)

17. I love how you make an ordinary day extraordinary.

18. I love that you don’t like change but you embrace it to grow.

19. I love that you set goals and pursue them.

20. I love watching you walk along the beach.

21. I love hearing you pray.

22. I love how you live out God’s love every day.

23. I love that you love your mini-van.

24. I love that you’ll watch sports even when me or the boys aren’t home.

25. I love how you champion our boys and their well being.

26. I love that you travel with your pillow.

27. I love how you love others with no strings attached.

28. I love that you’re willing to have hard conversations seasoned with grace.

29. I love how you love God’s word.

30. I love how you can make a Wal-mart outfit look like a million dollars.

31. I love that you love traveling to new places with me.

32. I love hearing you teach God’s Word.

33. I love that you love being with people more than you love social media.

34. I love how you take care of me and the boys.

35. I love how you have a computer and an iPhone but use a Daytimer anyway.

36. I love how you listen to God’s voice and obey.

37. I love your butt. (can I say that?) :)

38. I love how you lead others through authentic relationships.

39. I love that today is your birthday and we get to celebrate you.

Happy birthday Trisha!

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  1. Nancy Olivares de Moran

    Wow, I just read this post and it is absolutely amazing!

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