40 for 40

A few days ago, I saw Rob Bell tweet something about his 43rd birthday. My first thought was, “Rob Bell is 3 years older than me…sweet!” I clicked on the link and saw that he is trying to raise $43,000 for Charity Water on his 43rd birthday.

I turn 40 years old today.

Just typing that hurts my fingers. (I’m so old I probably have arthritis) 🙂 After seeing Rob Bell’s post, I started thinking about my own birthday.

Another birthday could pass and beyond the Facebook messages and “Happy birthdays” on Twitter it would just be a another day.

What if I could leverage my 40th birthday to help change 40 lives?


As many of you know, Trish and I have been passionate about child sponsorship for years. We have three different children we sponsor in three different countries. We are praying about sponsoring a fourth child.

I wish I was always on board with child sponsorship…but that isn’t the case.

One of the biggest fights we’ve ever had was over sponsoring a child.

Trish took a packet at a concert and came home with a desire to help a little boy have food, clothing and education. I went off about how much money it was and how there was no way we could do that.

I convinced her we couldn’t afford the monthly support.

Thirteen years passed before we talked about it again. 13 years.



Just because we missed an opportunity then, doesn’t mean we can’t seize one now.

Trisha and I have been given the awesome privilege of partnering with Food for the Hungry on our fall tour. Our friend Lindsey just returned from Guatemala and sent us some of the pictures from her trip.

Food for the Hungry is an organization that brings hope and help into impoverished places all over the world. They provide resources to not just feed and educate children, they also help transform communities with job training, skill development and the love of Christ.


What if we use my 40th birthday as an excuse to do something together that could impact others for eternity?

I’d love your help today. I’m asking for your help today.

Our mission for RefineUs is to restore hope and renew relationships. Together we can restore hope for 40 kids and families today. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Will you help?

IMG_7147 There are two specific ways you can help:

Sponsor a child.  The cost is $35 per month.

CLICK HERE to go to Food for the Hungry’s Web site. You can search for your child by age, country and gender. Food for the Hungry will then send you an information packet about your child and how you can correspond with him/her.

Secondly, if you can’t sponsor a child, will you help share this post?

Share it on your Facebook page or you if you have Twitter,

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Thank you for helping me make this birthday special…beyond just turning 40.

If you choose to sponsor a child, we’d love for you to share that with us. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving it in the comments, drop us a note and let us know.

4 Responses to 40 for 40

  1. Los

    Way to make me look like a totally selfish *%##! when I turn 40 next month! 😉

    • Justin and Trisha

      The ball is in your court now. 🙂

    • Justin and Trisha

      Thanks, Lindsey. I hope that many others consider the same thing!