A Secure Leader

I’m ashamed about how many years I wasted being an insecure leader. I compared my leadership with others. I compared the size of my church with others. I compared my speaking ability with others. The problem with the comparison game is that you always lose…you will never be good enough.

Earlier this week, I read THIS BLOG post from my friend Shawn Lovejoy. I love this quote from the post:

We don’t need to become secure in our leadership; but in His! We must become secure in His ability to do everything HE wants to do in and through us! Sometimes we just need hear that. We need to be encouraged and reminded that God’s calling and His plan for our lives has not changed! It’s so important we get secure about who we are, who God as uniquely called us to be, and what God wants to do uniquely through us.

Shawn’s heart for pastors and church planters is one of the many reasons why Trisha and I are excited to be a part of the Velocity Conference.

It’s only $79 to register for the conference. If you are a pastor or church-planter, we hope to see you there. Find out mroe INFO HERE.

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