Regret and Remorse


On Tuesday, Trisha and I had the opportunity to speak at the Velocity Conference in Atlanta. (Thank you guys so much for your prayers and your words of encouragement.) We spoke to about 800 church leaders. It was an out of body experience. Three years ago, we lived in Indianapolis, not sure if God would open a door to return to ministry, and on Tuesday, spoke to ministry leaders. Only…

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That Constant Pull


I am coaching my eight year-old, Isaiah’s basketball team and having a blast. It has been so cool to see him and his teammates grow and improve this season. I love coaching. I was a little surprised last week when I got a call from the commissioner of the league. He called to tell me of some concerns that had been brought to his attention. A few weeks ago, the…

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Allowing Me to Forgive Myself


Author Lewis Smedes says this in his book The Art of Forgiveness: When a person asks us to forgive him, he is also asking permission to forgive himself. What he wants is more than freedom from our judgment. He wants freedom from his own. In one sense, we are the only ones on earth who can set him free to free himself. For about a year after the affair, I…

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