Goals 2012


stew·ard·ship [stoo-erd-ship] “The responsible overseeing and protection of something considered worth caring for and preserving.” 2012 how did you get here so fast and where did the past twelve years go? In the year 2000, Justin and I celebrated five years of marriage. Within those first five years we moved six times, had two baby boys and worked at three different churches. I feel tense just writing that. Needless to…

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Desire vs. Commitment


It is so much easier writing about what used to be than writing about what is. January 3, 2012…I am four pounds away from my heaviest weight, ever. Just typing that brings up feelings of shame and embarrassment. I’ve written in the past about avoidance being my drug of choice…the past few months I’ve been avoiding the scale. I wanted to lose weight, I really did. One of my goals…

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Goals 2011


One of the best things that Trisha and I have done over the past five years is that we have taken time at the end of each year to set goals together. Both of us are pretty driven people. Before our separation, it was natural for us to set goals for ourselves. It was common for us to set goals for our ministry. We didn’t have a problem at all…

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Elijah’s List Part 2


As a parent it is a precious gift to be able to witness from the sidelines milestones in your child’s life. Yesterday Justin shared a small step in the life of our Elijah. I have to admit as his mom finding and reading his list melted my heart but not for reasons you might think. Many of us have sweet memories of the hopes and dreams of who or what…

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