The Hardest Battle You Can Fight

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To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best day and night to make you everybody else, means to fight the hardest battle any human being can fight, and never stop fighting.  E.E. Cummings There is a fear we all live with: What if who I am isn’t enough?

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Re-Subscribing to RefineUs

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Hey friends! Those of you that consistently follow blogs may know this, but Google Reader is no longer in existence. As a former Google Reader user, I’ve had to adjust this week to this service no longer being available. (Secretly I’m hoping like Hostess is doing with Twinkies, Google will bring back Google Reader at some point.)

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What I Learned from Moving (again)…


For those of you that follow us on Twitter or Facebook, it’s not news to you that we have moved this week. The house that we moved into in July 2009 was a rental house. The owners of the house wanted to sell it, and we didn’t want to buy it. So we found a house, and planned on moving within 30 days. When I met with our property manager,…

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8 Things that Restored Our Marriage Pt. 2 (Repost)


While every marriage is different, the challenges are similar and the things that cause us to drift apart are often repeated. What we have discovered is there are transferable principles that can help heal and restore your marriage back to God’s original intent and dream. Restoration Principle #2: Your willingness to confess and pray will determine the depth of healing and restoration God will bring to your marriage. James 5:16…

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Fight For It


When our marriage melted down in 2005, Trisha and I thought that the things that we struggled with, the problems that we had and the issues we faced were unique to us. For the next year and a half, we spent a lot of time identifying our issues, talking about our problems and being honest and transparent about our struggles. Over the course of the past three years, as we’ve…

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It Has To Start Somewhere


On Sunday night, our two older boys and I stayed up for a guy’s movie night. We don’t watch many movies that aren’t animated, so we were all excited about Invictus. I was in high school when Nelson Mandela was released from prison, so I had some knowledge of the story, but not much. It was a great movie. Early in the movie, Mandela says something that has been on…

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The Secret Ingredient


The past few weeks have been pretty hard. We have spoken to so many couples that are struggling: Struggling with news of an affair, devastated by catching their husband looking at pornography, lost as they don’t know how to put back the pieces to a marriage that seems beyond repair. At some point in our conversations the question is always asked of us. “How did you do it?” “How did…

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For Some One Today


We have shared this video before, but based on some of the searches that have lead people to our blog; based on some of the emails that we have received over the past two weeks; based on conversations we’ve had with friends who are really struggling in their marriage, we are sharing this again today. We’d be honored if you’d retweet this post and put it on your Facebook page…

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Restoring Unity


Trisha and I meet and talk with couples several times per month. One of the most common issues that we’ve observed is a lack of unity. The Bible calls it “oneness”. We would say it like this “They are on different pages.” No one gets married hoping to argue all the time. No one gets married with dreams of name-calling and yelling matches. But over the course of time, if…

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You Owe Me


The Bellevue Campus of Cross Point shares a parking lot with Toys R Us and with Sonic; both of which are detrimental to our budget. A few weeks ago my son Isaiah and I were going to the Bellevue Campus and we pulled into the parking lot by Toys R Us. As we drove past and he said, “After we get done can we go to Toys R Us?” I…

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