As Seen on CNN with Brooke Baldwin

Last week Trisha was asked to write a guest post for Ed Stetzer and Christianity Today, and speak into the Ashley Madison hack/scandal. Many of you read this article and shared it with others.

A producer at CNN read the article and contacted Trish on Monday morning asking if she would be a guest on CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin.

So many of you shared this on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and were so encouraging before during and after the segment.cnn

A LOT of you weren’t able to see the interview live so we’ve shared a the video of the four minute interview below. Please feel free to share it on Twitter and Facebook.

{If video won’t play on your mobile device, click the picture above}

7 Responses to As Seen on CNN with Brooke Baldwin

  1. Darcy Justen

    My husbands name was on the list and he claims someone just used his name but im not sure i believe him, in one of your articles you mentioned verification and involvement and im just looking for answers….
    thank you for offering gods hope to lots of women!
    Is there anyway ill ever know the truth? the email connected to his account isnt his and is coming up on other dating sites so could someone just snagged his name and address?
    thanks for all your help

  2. Thank you for sharing your story. You provide hope for many people.

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  4. Scott Jewell

    Well done. So encouraging to see how God continues to use you guys and your testimony. Praying for you as you continue to point people to a forgiving Lord through this church plant. God bless!

    • Justin and Trisha

      Thank you so much Scott. Really appreciate your encouragement.