What do you do when text book answers aren’t enough?

CoachUs is a marriage coaching program designed to give you practical help, now.

Why Marriage Coaching?

Every one has a vision for their marriage. There are times that the vision we had and the reality we live in are worlds apart. We don’t have all the answers, and maybe we aren’t even asking the right questions.

That is the benefit of a RefineUs Marriage Coach. The goal of our coaching program isn’t that we give you all the answers or fix you or your marriage. We aren’t counselors or therapists. Our goal is to come along side of you and your spouse and help you take the next step in your journey with Christ.

Most couples don’t need textbook answers, they need a partner in the journey. We have learned in our restoration and redemptive process that the journey looks different for everyone, but there are similar routes along the way.

RefineUs Marriage Coaching Principles

  • Engage Spiritually
  • Speak the Truth
  • Forgive Freely
  • Pursue Oneness

Our hope is to walk with you for a season to help bring hope, clarity, renewal and vision to the season that you are experiencing.

There are three audiences that usually request our coaching:

Married Couples

Our marriage coaches have a wide variety of experiences that allow them to relate to just about any couple’s issue and season of life. Collectively we have experienced infidelity, pornography, sexual abuse, separation and restoration, as well as being happily married for many years. Our coaches are able to empathize with a variety of couples on a very practical and authentic level. We coach engaged couples, newlyweds and long time married couples.


There are times that it is best for a wife to connect one on one with a marriage coach. Maybe your husband isn’t on board with the idea of marriage help. Maybe you have some issues or questions you need to work out personally. Our marriage coaches offer one on one coaching as well.


Our male coaches often coach other men on the importance of truth telling, transparency in the context of accountability, overcoming pornography addictions, being a spiritual leader in your home and steps to take to restore your marriage after an affair.

You Choose

The great thing about CoachUs is the flexibility you have to choose:

  • You choose the meeting time that fits your schedule
  • You choose the marriage coaches that are right for you
  • You choose if you want to continue after the first session

The Program

After registering, each couple will receive an email from their Coach setting up their first online meeting. The program is a four-month commitment to meet via Skype one hour per month. Email correspondence on the off weeks for support and encouragement are common.

The Cost

The cost for each coaching session is $50. There is a $10 non-refundable registration fee. The registration fee and payment for for all sessions are due up front. So the total due upon registration is $210 for all four sessions. Your coach will be in contact with you within 24 hours of registration to set up your sessions.

Justin and Trisha came along at a crucial time in our marriage and were a HUGE answer to prayer. The insight my husband and I gained from just one session gave us hope, courage, and focus in a way that weeks spent in therapy had not accomplished. There is something very powerful about coming together “in Christ’s name” to create stronger, healthier, more God-centered relationships and Justin and Trisha really get this.

Because of the struggles God had pulled both of them through, they had a greater credibility with us. It is hard to be skeptical when you have seen the kind of restoration and redemption that has occurred in the Davis family.

Because of our mad schedules, it was really difficult to invest in any regular “couples” classes or mentoring locally, so the Skype mentoring that Justin and Trisha offered was perfect for us! It felt like we were having a conversation with a friend sitting right next to us. It just works!

-John and Jenny Schmitz

Our Coaches

our renewalBrian & Jenni Clayville have been married for over a decade, vows said in 2001. Within that decade they’ve survived being told they were infertile by specialists, church work taking over their lives, death of close friends & family, and adultery. According to American Christian standards and human statistics, the Clayville’s should not have made it through any of this to be left standing as a family unit, but God had a different plan for them that included humility and a change in lifestyle.

In their journey of reconciling their lives together, Brian & Jenni actively pursued intensive counseling, life-coaching and healing. In 2010, the Clayville’s renewed their vows and began their new life as a restored couple and family.Today, Brian & Jenni live in El Paso, Texas as missionaries with their two sons, Chance (6) & Paxton (3). Jenni serves as the Worship & Creative Arts Pastor at Paseo Christian Church and Brian helps oversee the development of Missional Communities. Together, they help coach couples through life trauma of their own. You can find their writings at www.jenniclayville.com and www.brianclayville.com. Jenni also writes regularly forwww.leadingandlovingit.com.


hartzJosh and Lindsey Hartz met in 1995, when a friend who lived next door to Josh in a college dorm told Lindsey “I’ve met the perfect guy for you!” She rolled her eyes and thought, “I don’t have time to date!” Luckily, Josh was very persuasive and the rest, as they say, is history! They married in May 1998.

In 2006, after 8 years of a volatile and difficult marriage, the harsh pain of infidelity forever altered their lives. The long, hard journey of reconciling their marriage led them down a path of salvation, forgiveness, trust, and grace that has truly been a beautiful journey.

They now live and breathe everyday to glorify God through their new life and love, their marriage, and their broken but gloriously redeemed past. Simply so that others may know Him and love Him too.

On a personal note, they have two wonderful children…Taylor loves to dance, swim, sing (off-key!), take neighborhood pets on walks and babysit. She is truly servant hearted and wants to become a vet and open a therapeutic horse center for children. Ryan loves to read, play video games, build amazing Lego creations and wreak havoc on Lindsey’s schedule with practical jokes and laughter. He’s empathetic, loves to make friends feel special and loves to serve in local missions to kids in need.

Their family recently took a huge leap of faith and moved from Dallas, TX to Nashville, TN for a wonderful job opportunity at Lifeway Christian Resources for Josh. When she is not writing or pretending to clean her house, Lindsey works with authors and ministries and volunteers her time helping women overcome hurtful pasts and addictions through Christ.


SONY DSCBrent and Tammy Hodge have been married for 20 years. Mostly, happily. Let’s be honest, it isn’t always perfect. But it’s always worth working at. They have recently moved from the Pacific Northwest to Nashville TN with their two children Kassidi, 17 and Dakota, 15. Brent is the Campus Pastor at Cross Point Community Church’s North Campus and the whole family serves in several capacities. They all genuinely love spending time together, playing music, watching sports and even driving around taking photos of their new life in Nashvegas. Brent and Tam hope to provide a unique perspective to the daily challenges of marriage while offering hope that in any situation, it is always worth giving your best. Tam blogs at

hunterScott and Angela Hunter have been married since June 10, 1995. They live in North Carolina with their two teenage daughters Kailey and Courtney, and their 10 lb. “guard dog”, Stumpy. Scott and Angela are also a blended family, with Scott’s daughter, Amanda, who lives in Virginia with her husband, Stephen. Amanda & Stephen are expecting their first child in June of 2012, yielding new titles for Scott & Angela as they become “Gramps” and “Granna”.

Scott and Angela began a small marriage ministry in their home church in February 2006 which led them to co-found Marriage on Fire Ministries in 2008. Now, they speak at marriage conferences locally and nationally.

Scott and Angela have a gripping and powerful story of forgiveness that streams through their marriage. Their passion for marriage is evident. They are open and honest about struggles they have encountered and they desire to assist other couples to love and care for their spouse the way God intends.

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