Finding Hope In Shattered Dreams

Regardless if you’re eight or eighty we’re all dreamers. When we get married we dream big dreams, together. We talk about where we want to live some day; how many kids we think we should have; and where we hope our careers will go.

But what do you do when one of those dreams becomes one of your most feared nightmares?

Five years into marriage Jeremy and Brandy Little were living the dream in Nashville, TN. Their dream was only becoming sweeter as they learned they were expecting their first child. They began to dream up plans for the nursery, anxiously awaiting the arrival of their sweet baby girl. They were one of several couples in their circle of friends expecting their first child. Baby showers were being thrown left and right, as late night texts were being sent saying “we’re in labor!”

On April 24, 2013 it was finally the Little’s turn to send a text. Brandy gave birth to Ryman Little, a beautiful and healthy baby girl. But as hours passed things quickly turned from tears of joy to gut wrenching sobs of uncertainty. Their story is one where “happily ever after” didn’t play out like it did for their friends. The dreams they had of taking baby Ryman home, now turned to trying to keep her alive.

As they near the one-year mark of Ryman’s birth our church community has been given the gift of seeing their story unfold. They have been a part of our church community for several years and are loved and adored by many.  Their pursuit of God and each other has been inspiring.

They have taught us many lessons of how to fight for your marriage and your dreams and I wanted share a couple of them with you today.

 1.  They were honest about how they were feeling.

They were honest about their feelings with each other, family and friends. They didn’t hide behind the statement “its fine, God’s got this”. Although that statement is true, God gave us the gift of emotions so that we could have a process to deal with our pain.

2. They leaned into each other rather than against each other.

Rough times are going to happen in your marriage. You may not have the same experience as the Little’s, but there will be times of hardship. Often times we make our spouse the enemy and work against them rather than allowing them to be our number one cheerleader.

3. They allowed family, friends and co-workers to come along side them on their painful journey. 

God has given us the gift of community and Little’s knew in order to stay healthy they had to allow others to help them. Friends stayed with their dogs. Others travelled to whatever state and hospital Ryman was transported to, offering encouragement and companionships. Just this week Brandy returned to work and was greeted with a warm welcome.


Below is a video of their journey. My prayer is it will encourage you to never give-up when dreams are shattered. But I also hope you will inspire you to join our community to keep their family on the road to healing!

Philippians 4:13 For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.


One Response to Finding Hope In Shattered Dreams

  1. First, cute baby!

    Second, wow, what an amazing, difficult story.

    Third, my wife and I are due with our first in April. It is good for me to see real life examples of what could be. What I mean is… it’s good to see stories of people coming together over difficult situations like this. I pray our first born will be healthy, but if God has other plans it’s good to know He is there AND that we have a great community of friends and family surrounding us too.

    That might sound odd, but I trust you get what I mean.

    Thanks for the post, the video, and the song.