Should you go on a first date on Valentine’s Day?

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Here’s the scenario: you’ve been chatting to someone for a little while, maybe met online, sent a few messages back and forth and finally you decide you’d like to meet up. Next Friday night? Great, you’re both free, you lock it in.

And then you notice exactly why you’re free next Friday night. Friday is Valentine’s Day. You suddenly panic: should you change the day or cancel? Who suggested Friday? Did they know it was International Going On a Date with Your Partner Day? Cue terror.

Of course, your date is probably feeling the exactly same way as you do. They probably won’t be expecting any grand gestures or sweepingly romantic statements, but you might want to hint a little at old-time romance if it’s appropriate. You shouldn’t feel like you have to be any more romantic than you usually would, though. As with all dates, you should be yourself as much as possible, be attentive and interested in the other person, and bring your best conversation.

So, although you might not think it at first, there are both pros as well as slightly awkward cons to going on a first date on St Valentine’s Day. Here are a few more of them.

Pro: You can make a joke about it

Show that you’re secure, relaxed and have a sense of humor by being totally cool with it. You might poke a bit of fun at the extravagant lengths that some people go to: maybe say something like “I considered bringing a huge bunch of red roses/box of chocolates/giant teddy bear but I figured it was a little soon.” It’ll break the ice, and you can bond over the fact that a V-Day date lays the pressure on for it to go well.

You can also take comfort in knowing how many others will be in the same situation as you. With the popularity of online dating sites soaring, you can be sure you won’t be the only person in the restaurant thinking the same thing as you.

Con: Restaurants will be booked up

Places that would ordinarily be great for a first date will probably be packed. Not only that, they will be packed with starry-eyed lovers holding hands, kissing, whispering sweet nothings and maybe even getting engaged. That’s a lot of peer pressure.

Pro: That means that you can get creative

If your usual first date spot is going to be over-crowded, and think outside the box. If you met on a site such as eHarmony, who match people based on their beliefs and values, chances are that your interests are fairly well aligned. This means you can feel reassured about planning a more ‘out there’ date idea.  If that means going to a ball game, going for a waterside stroll or grabbing a burger, then you shouldn’t feel restricted to the traditional Valentine’s Day activities.

Con: It might make you extra nervous

You might imagine that your date has greater expectations than they usually would, and you might feel even more jittery than is normal for a first date. Just breathe deeply, and if you’re still worried, clear the air beforehand by making a joke. Something silly like “don’t worry, I’m not expecting a proposal just yet” will set both your minds at ease.

Pro: If it works out, it’s a great story

Be optimistic! Imagine telling friends and family that your first date was on Valentine’s Day. They’ll be impressed with your foresight in scheduling a date on the most romantic day of the year.

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