Fly A Little Higher

originalAs a parent of three boys one of my greatest fears has been losing one of my kids. Cancer, car accident, medical condition…each possibility has crossed my mind more than I care to admit.

When we received FLY A LITTLE HIGHER in the mail, my first thought was, “I’m not sure I want to read a book about a boy, my son’s age, dying of cancer.”

This book is much more abut life than it is about death.

FLY A LITTLE HIGHER takes readers deeper into one of the country’s most heart-stirring stories in recent memory, into the home and lives of the Sobiech family – Rob and Laura, and their children Alli, Sam, Zach, and Grace. With tremendous warmth, hard-earned wisdom, and candor, Laura celebrates, grieves, and offers inspiration not only to other parents facing the death of a child, but to everyone in all seasons of life determined to live joyfully and in the present.

Ultimately, FLY A LITTLE HIGHER is also true to its title – a window into an intimate prayer that was fulfilled in ways the prayer’s speaker could never have imagined: “Okay, Lord, you can have Zach,” Laura writes. “I want him, but you see a bigger picture. If Zach must die, please just let it be for something big. I want it to be for something big. Just one soul changed forever.”

This book is a reminder that it isn’t how or when we die that ultimately matters, but it is how we live that will be remembered. I highly recommend you pick up a copy of FLY A LITTLE HIGHER and check out the book trailer below.


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