From Beyond Ordinary

No matter where your marriage is today, it is perfectly positioned to be the marriage God has in mind. The question is, are you willing to choose it? Extraordinary marriages don’t just happen. We have to choose them.



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  1. Valerie

    Hi. I came across
    your blog again after deciding not to read anything else. I am so overwhelmed
    with my situation. I was reading way too much then got tired of being the only
    one reading. I’ve had 3 D-Days so I really don’t know where the 1 yr. anniversary
    falls. November 29, 2011, my ‘pastoring’ husband told me he had an affair that
    started a few months earlier. After i was completely silent from shock, the
    next morning he told me it was a stupid joke, a lie and not true. January 9,
    2012, I confronted him from emails sent to me from a co-worker (he wk’s a 9-5
    regular job). He admitted to the affair, but said it was only 3 blow jobs. I
    would continue to be lied to about every aspect of the affair until June 25,
    2012. While cleaning, I found bank statements of countless hotel rooms over
    several months. Until 3 weeks ago, I had not spoken to him since June because
    of the continues lies and fear of not getting the truth. I finally took a
    chance and we spoke for 6 hrs at a restaurant. I thought overall i was getting
    the truth until the next day when I couldn’t figure out why he was hesitant
    about STD testing’s at his dr’s office. The dr office informed me that never
    took such a test in the last 2 yrs. I have not confronted him about the latest
    ‘lie’ because I am completely exhausted and tired of fighting for this
    marriage. He is now preparing to go to a convention (that he cannot afford) to
    vote for our national bishop and except a nation position that he was just
    promoted to about a month ago. I am so disgusted. He continues to except
    invitations to preach. He was promoted because I protected him and his
    reputation within the church and this is the thanks i get? Please pray for me.
    Too much to write. I contacted you guys back in May, but didn’t get a response
    and i know you’re busy. All anyone can do for me now is pray anyways. I really
    need God to allow his will to be done. I know I have the victory, i just don’t
    see it yet. I think i will be able to have a 1 yr anniversary the day he admits
    that he has a porno problem and is seeking help for it alone first. The
    together therapy doesn’t work as he continues to deny. I don’t know that there
    is really a question, probably just needed to vent. I am encouraged by your
    blogs though so keep blogging. Thanx and blessings.

    • Hey Valerie,

      I did respond to your email and never heard back from you. I am so sorry for what you are gong through. Part of what I shared with you in my email is that there is a point in which you have to decide if you are going to continue to give to a relationship that your husband repeatedly abuses. We are huge advocates of doing everything you can to repair the marriage, but your husband has to be committed to it as well.

      I am sorry for your pain and your hurt. My suggestion would be to get to a Christian counselor to help you process the hurt and brokenness you have experienced.

      • Valerie

        Oh I’m so sorry, I did reply, but it must have never reached you somehow. I replied to this post yesterday to your gmail account. Please let me know if you recieved it. I think you had just gotten a new email during that time so I want to make sure I have it correct. Thank u so much.