God Never Promised Easy

There is a reality that all of us face every day…life is hard. It’s only when I try to escape that reality that I am blindsided by the difficulty of life.

Friendship is hard.

Marriage is hard.

Integrity is hard.

Parenting is hard.

Leading is hard.

Family dynamics are hard.

I’ve been praying through a decision I have to meet my biological father before he passes away. I am reminded how difficult life and family and relationships can be at times.

What God brought to my mind today is: Whoever said it would be easy?

God never promised easy, He promised His presence.

God never promised comfort, He promised to be comforting.

Jesus said “In this world you will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world.”

Life is hard.

It is hard to tell the truth, when the easier thing to do is lie.

It is hard to stay when it’s easier to pack up and leave.

It is hard to be vulnerable when it’s easier to be fake.

It is hard to say your sorry when it’s easier to wait for an apology.

It is hard to serve when you feel you deserve to be served.

It is hard to give in when it’s easier to demand your own way.

It is hard to forgive when holding a grudge is justified.

It is hard to trust when trust has been broken.

It is hard to have faith, when faith has been lost. It is hard to have hope when despair is your companion. It is hard to persevere when giving up seems so much easier.

It will be hard. Your marriage will be hard. Your friendships will be hard. Your family dynamics will be hard. Your work relationships will be hard.Your faith in God will be tested.

So if you find yourself surprised and maybe even discouraged at how hard life is right now…

…take heart, He has overcome the world.


10 Responses to God Never Promised Easy

  1. diana

    Thank you for sharing. It’s really a comfortable word and reminder for all of us that He will always be there whenever we need Him 🙂

  2. Kelly

    Life is hard…Unfortunately I have known this from an extremely young age. I always am able to get back up and carry on, I’ve even had people comment on that…. But at some point, everything appears to hopeless, to lost, to dark to keep going. What do you do when you run out of hope, when you have lost everything…When you are partly to blame for that. What do you do when your own destruction is so powerful that it shattered your very soul and spirit. Faking that “smile” can only go so far. What about when the pit has become to deep to climb back out of? Sorry….Just my current 6 month struggle

  3. diane1230

    I forwarded this to some friends who are having a rough go of it. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Linda

    Thank you for this timely blog. My daughter’s death, husband’s infidelity, and now his cancer diagnosis; my marriage has definetly had it’s share of challenges. Thanks for the reminder that HE is there for us and has overcome the world!

    • Justin and Trisha

      Linda, I am so sorry for what you are going through. I can’t imagine the hurt in your heart right now. Please know we will be praying for you.

  5. Growing up my dad’s father was an abusive alcoholic…there are stories my dad won’t even share with the family concerning some of the abuse he, his brothers and sisters, and his mom endured at the hands of his dad. When my dad was in his early twenties his dad just took off from home one day and never came back…I was so young when my grandfather left I have no memory of him and up until last summer none of my family knew if he was dead or alive.

    You see last summer I got this wild hair to start doing some research on my family…I used ancestry.com and found a ton of info about my past relatives. During my research I had made it a point to not search for anything on my dad’s father. There was just a lot of hurt still in the family concerning him.

    But God had other plans.

    Without meaning to one day I clicked on a link I didn’t mean to and suddenly was staring at the city and state where my grandfather lived, and yes, he was/is still alive. I was nervous about it, but I told my dad what I had found and it took him a couple of days to decide that actually wanted to see his dad again. He brought the info to his siblings but none of them wanted any part of seeing their dad. So my dad and mom went to North Carolina on their own one weekend.

    To make a long story a little shorter my dad found his dad living in a run down trailer house amidst the poorest neighborhood my parents had seen in a long time. My grandfather didn’t even recognize my dad, but once my dad introduced himself my grandfather could not stop his tears. My dad told me their conversation was very surface level stuff, but that was okay. My dad showed him pictures of me and my sister and our families and dad sat almost amazed as he saw himself in his father’s face…just older and more worn.

    When my dad came back I asked him one day, “Dad, your brothers and sisters wouldn’t go with you to see your dad because of what he did to yall in the past…so what made you want to go see him? That seems like a really intense and uncomfortable situation.”

    I remember how my dad looked at me with moist eyes and said, “He’s my dad…and I needed him to see that I was okay. I have no doubt he carries a ton of guilt about what he did to us when we were kids…and I just needed him to see that I was okay…maybe he can find some peace in that knowledge.”

    My dad then said, “God’s not concerned with our comfort…but with our character.”

    I honestly think about those words everyday.

    • Justin and Trisha

      Wow. thank you for sharing your story Jeremy. Really appreciate your words.