God’s Amazing Goodness

Eleven years ago, my friend Pete and I went to Starbucks just a few miles down the road from our office. We were on staff at a church together and were discouraged by some of the things we were experiencing in ministry. We asked questions of each other and of God about our future.

Should we get out of ministry all together?

Should we look for other jobs?

As we sat there that day, both of us felt a prompting from God that would change our lives.

Pete said, “What if God is calling us to start a church?” I said, “If we started a church, what would it look like?” We began to talk about core values and vision statements and the future God had in mind for us. Excitement and anticipation started to replace our discouragement.

About 8 months later, we both resigned our positions and Trish and I moved to Noblesville to start a church; and Pete and Brandi started Cross Point. It has been an amazing thing to see God’s favor and grace lived out and poured into Cross Point over the past ten years. For the first seven years it was from a distance, but the last three years I have gotten to witness it up close. God is so good.

I love Cross Point, because it is a place of second chances. We have a saying at Cross Point: Everyone’s Welcome, Nobody’s Perfect, Anything’s Possible. That isn’t a cliche.

Four years ago, Pete said something to me that changed my life. “God isn’t done with you yet. You have failed but your failure doesn’t define you.” Cross Point believes in second chances because God believes in second chances. I am the receipient of an undeserved second chance.

I am so excited to be a part of Cross Point’s 10th Anniversary Celebration this weekend. It is a celebration of God’s grace. A celebration of God’s provision.

For me personally, it will be a celebration of God’s amazing goodness: he wasn’t done with me. I’m eternally grateful for that!

We’d love to have you join us for this historic day in the life of our church. For more info on the service go to 1church1location.tv 

What is one thing in your life that is a result of God’s goodness?


3 Responses to God’s Amazing Goodness

  1. Pete Wilson

    So thankful God put your family in my life.

  2. Justin,

    I, like you, had someone who spoke very similar words into my life concerning ministry. After going through a divorce and running from God for over 9 months, I thought my ministry was over! I remember walking into a church where I didn’t know anyone, just Jacob needing Jesus. This was my first time back in church in almost a year. After service, I went and introduced myself to the pastor and told him who I was. I told him that I was a recent grad of Bible College and a youth pastor, however with my head hung, that had just gone through a divorce. We visited for a little while then he looked at me and asked: “Jacob, do you think there is still a place for you in ministry?” I replied, “I don’t know but I hope so.” Then he said these words: “I believe there is, God can still use you.” Then he invited to take me under his wing and help me start back into ministry after a period of time. I am so thankful for God who places Godly men in our lives to encourage us, to help us in times of need and counsel. But most of all, I am so thankful that we serve a God who is of second, third and etc. chances! God bless Cross Point, You and Trisha as you all celebrate this awesome time of God’s goodness!