How to Have a Healthy Marriage AND Ministry

When Justin and I got married and entered into ministry we were both wildly passionate about each other and ministry. Talking, dreaming and planning together always came natural to us but figuring out how Iwould be involved in those dreams didn’t come so easily. Almost twenty years later I’m still as passionate about my husband and ministry but it took me redefining what ministry truly means to keep my passion alive.

For many of us, ministry was defined by either the church culture we grew-up in or by our early years in ministry. Some of us came from backgrounds in which the pastor’s wife was expected to be a part of every church event and always bring a meal for the potluck dinner. And if your anything like me, the last thing you want me to do for you is cook. :) Some of us we were told our only ministry was to create a perfect home for our husbands to come home to (no pressure) and not to be involved in anything else.

I don’t recall receiving a manual giving me step-by-step instructions on how to be a good pastor’s wife. After several attempts to make an edible potluck dinner I realized I needed to find my own path. Thankfully I found that path before someone died of food poisoning. But even knowing what I am gifted at still brought about tensions for which there was no manual. I constantly felt like I had to choose between being a good leader in ministry and being a good mother and wife.

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