A HUGE Announcement From Justin and Trish

We’ve been anticipating sharing some exciting news with you for a few weeks and this week are able to do that. Over the past five years, this community has shaped us and our faith in ways we can’t even describe. We are so very thankful for you.

Stepping out in faith is never easy, but it’s as we take faith steps we experience God’s presence the most. We want to inspire you to trust God in new and challenging ways. It’s not authentic if we challenge you but aren’t willing to model that in our life, marriage and ministry.

This summer our family will be moving from Nashville to Indianapolis to start a brand new church on the north side of the city.

We believe hope changes everything. We want to help as many people as possible find hope and follow Jesus.  The name of the new church is Hope City Church.

We can’t answer all the questions you might have so we’ve done some Q&A below to share with you some of the next steps for us, for RefineUs and for the new church.

We will also be doing a series of blog posts over the next few weeks to walk you through the journey we’ve been on and to inspire you to pursue your dreams and calling.

Q: What does Hope City mean for RefineUs?

A: We’ve never been more excited about RefineUs. We get to speak at some amazing churches all across the country and invest in marriages. We love it and want to continue to help marriages go beyond ordinary. We will still partner with churches, conferences and denominations to pour into marriages. We will also continue to share content and develop resources designed to help as many people experience the marriage God has in mind. Be on the lookout for some brand new resources this summer.

Q: Will Hope City be a campus or plant of Cross Point?

A: For the past six years we’ve had the privilege of being on staff at one of the best churches in the world, Cross Point Church. Our best friends, Pete and Brandi Wilson offered us a second chance in ministry in 2009 and we are so grateful for their friendship and belief in us. Cross Point has been a huge supporter of RefineUs, creating a part time role for Justin so we could devote our full time effort to RefineUs over the past two years. Cross Point is providing financial support for Hope City, but the new church won’t be an Indianapolis location or plant of Cross Point.

Q: When will you move from Nashville to Indianapolis?

A: We will move sometime during the month of July. Our kids have activities here in Nashville through June and then start their new schools in Indiana in August, so July is the perfect window to move and get settled.

Q: What is the timeline for the new church?

A: There are four phases to this process: Communicating, Planning, Pre-Launch, and Launch. (Fundraising is a part of each phase) Right now we are in the communication phase. We’ve spent the past month sharing this vision with our friends, family and the Cross Point staff. We are taking the next step today sharing it with you. Over the next few weeks we will put together a board of overseers, a business plan and timeline. We are talking to three different church planting organizations about a strategic partnership and will have that in place before we move. When we move this summer that will start the pre-launch phase, and the church will launch sometime in 2016.

Q: How much will it cost to launch Hope City Church?

A: We are still in the process of putting together a planning (conferences, assessments and training) budget, a pre-launch budget and a launch budget. While the numbers aren’t final, the cost range to start the church from scratch will be $225,000-$300,000. This includes facilities, operations, capital expenses (equipment and supplies) and staffing. Our dream is to hire three additional pastors to help start Hope City. Right now we have $36,000 committed.

Q: How can I be involved?

A: As a part of the RefineUs community we appreciate you so much. Whether you know it or not, God has used you to inspire us and teach us, to encourage us and refine us. We want you to feel like you are a part of every single life that is changed in Indianapolis through this new church. There are three ways you can be involved:

1. Pray. We want to have 100 prayer partners before we even move to Indy. If you are willing to pray for us would you take a minute and email us by clicking here? We need and covet your prayers. Ministry is hard. Starting a church is hard. Without the power of God through the vehicle of prayer, we don’t have a chance.

2. Invest. Partner with us on a monthly basis. Between now and May our goal is partner with 50 people that will commit to giving $100 per month for the next year to this new church. As you pray for us, would you pray about bringing hope and healing to the city of Indianapolis through your financial partnership? (All donations are tax-deductible).

3. Share. Will you share this announcement with anyone you know that lives close to Indianapolis? This fall we will begin launch team meetings and we are already asking God to assemble a group of people that are passionate about helping people find hope and follow Jesus.

If you are still reading this post, you’re either our family members or God has given you the gift of patience. 🙂 Thank you so much for being a part of this community. We are excited to see God continue to do amazing things with RefineUs and help people find hope through Hope City Church.

To stay informed about Hope City Church or to give online GO HERE.

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