Lavishly Loved

Have you ever found yourself rehearsing the outcome to a certain situation over and over again in your mind? Hoping with every rehearsal you will get a little bit closer to feeling prepared for whatever happens. But then the moment arrives and the one outcome you never thought to rehearse plays out. This was my Sunday.

On Monday, Justin wrote about our “leap of faith”. This leap of faith would not only impact our family but our church family as well. In my heart I knew beyond a shadow of doubt that we would be supported. But in my own brokenness, I had rehearsed some alternative endings just in case.

Our church has been in a series called “Fork in the Road”. It could not have been more prophetic or better timed in preparing our campus for the transition they would be embarking on. After preaching in Nashville our pastor Pete raced (within the speed limit of course) 🙂 to get to our campus to be there when the announcement was made. An outcome I never had thought to dream up but in doing so our family, as well as our church family, felt lavishly loved by him.

photoThen the announcement happened. People stood, cheered and clapped in support of our leap of faith. I sat there in my seat completely overwhelmed and unprepared for the outcome I never thought to dream up. I immediately melted into a puddle of tears. How unselfish of my church family to love so lavishly and in doing so forever mark the hearts of not only Justin and me but also our three boys.

As if the day couldn’t have been anymore amazing and emotional we got to witness some of our dearest friends embrace a new path as they too were at a fork in the road.

Chris and Stephanie Nichols were first our neighbors, turned into friends. As the Nashville flood hit our neighborhood in 2010 we watched them pastor those around them. We saw something in them and told them that we felt like God would one day call them into ministry.

Never in a million years did any of us rehearse in our minds Chris taking on the role of Bellevue Campus Pastor AND that our families would still get to do life with each other.

We often hear negative stories come from the walls of churches when transitions and callings become messy. But on Sunday November 11, 2012 I witnessed firsthand Jesus lavishly loving my church, my friends and my family. I witnessed forks in the road that are often scary and uncertain become beautiful.

Dear Cross Point Staff and Family,

Thank you for fighting for us and with us in the midst of the mess and uncertainty that often comes with forks in the road. We feel blessed and excited to continue on this journey with you! Thank you for how you lavishly love imperfect people to continue to grow as a community of believers radically devoted to Christ, irrevocably committed to one another and relentlessly dedicated to reaching those outside God’s family with the Gospel of Christ.

Jesus – Thank you for loving your children and dreaming dreams bigger than we could have ever imagined!

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