Life Is Hard

I often forget how hard life can be. I mean, I realize it and live in it, then I get comfortable and complacent and get surprised by it.

Friendship is hard.

Marriage is hard.

Integrity is hard.

Parenting is hard.

Leading is hard.

Family dynamics are hard.

What God brought to my mind today is who ever said it would be easy?

God never promised easy, He promised His presence. God never promised comfort, He promised to be comforting.

Jesus said “In this world you will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world.”

Life is hard.

It is hard to tell the truth, when the easier thing to do is lie.

It is hard to stay when it’s easier to pack up and leave.

It is hard to be vulnerable when it’s easier to be fake.

It is hard to say your sorry when it’s easier to wait for an apology.

It is hard to serve when you feel you deserve to be served.

It is hard to give in when it’s easier to demand your own way.

It is hard to forgive when holding a grudge is justified.

It is hard to trust when trust has been broken.

It is hard to have faith, when faith has been lost. It is hard to have hope when despair is your companion. It is hard to persevere when giving up seems so much easier.

It will be hard.

So if you find yourself surprised and maybe even discouraged at how hard life is right now…

…take heart, He has overcome the world.

7 Responses to Life Is Hard

  1. J

    Life is hard. It’s hard to keep outside influences from affecting your marriage – especially a 2nd marriage. My adult daughter gave a child away – an open adoption. I see this child on occasion but it feels like a death. How can I stay strong for my marriage?

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  3. Ashley

    My husband and I have been reading your book through this hard spot in our life and your story reflects so much of everything that has been happening in our world in the past 4 months. I want to thank you for stepping out in faith and sharing your story. It has been so inspiring to us that you two have come so far after something so hard.

    • Justin and Trisha

      Thank you so much Ashley. Praying for you guys as you continue through the book.