Marriage Adventures

The following is a guest post from our friend Carrie Starr.  Carrie and her husband Erv teach business together at Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, NY.  They are authors of brand new book: Marriage Adventures. The Secret to an Extraordinary Life Together.  

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Our marriage was doomed from the start.

Between the two of us, our parents have been married six different times.  The odds were stacked against us.

Fresh out of college, we believed our marriage could be different. We wanted our first marriage to be our only marriage, despite the flawed blueprint we’d received.

Working with college students, we’ve found that most young adults feel the same way.  They want their first marriage to be their only marriage.

They don’t want to become another divorce statistic.

Relationships are risky.

Each of us longs for adventure.  We want to beat the odds and experience something extraordinary.

We know that adventures require risk.

Marriage is the most risky relationship of all.

When we commit to someone for the rest of our lives, we make ourselves vulnerable.  We could be hurt, betrayed, or abandoned.

Yet through marriage, we also open ourselves up to the greatest possibility for adventure.

Experiencing lifelong intimacy with another person is a thrilling opportunity.

We believed it was worth the risk.

We want to help other couples take the leap toward marriage equipped to survive the adventure.

The dangers are real. The risks are high. And the rewards are incredible.

By living a bold life of adventure in our communication, our finances, and our physical intimacy, most observers of our marriage think we are still on our honeymoon.

This summer, we will celebrate our 20th anniversary!

Our new book, Marriage Adventures is our adventure story. From the moment we first met to our cross-country camping honeymoon to our Alaskan anniversary, we share the secrets of our extraordinary life together with courage and transparency.

We invite you to join us on our journey and discover how to make your marriage the adventure of a lifetime!

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