Marriage and Ministry

We have gotten some emails and some messages on Facebook and Twitter about the talks we did last week at Velocity. is an amazing organization and has made all the content from the main sessions available. What is cool is that it is totally free!  You can watch all the keynote speakers by clicking here.

We had 20 minutes between the two of us, to speak in session four. We painted in pretty broad strokes during this talk, so we have included a link under the video to our 55 minute breakout session where we had more time to unpack in more detail some key marriage principles.

Thank you again for your support and prayers. A special thanks to Shawn Lovejoy and Tricia Lovejoy for their friendship, their belief in us and support of our ministry.

Listen to our breakout session, “You Are Not Crazy” HERE.

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  1. Christine Allen

    Would you be willing to help? O ihave a friend in deep trouble. Please let me know if you can help.