Marriage Coaching 2011

There are times that you choose to do things and you know the outcome. You know that certain choices aren’t big risks. Then there are decisions that are so risky that they scare you to death, because failure is a huge possibility.

Almost a year ago, we made a decision that was a definite risk,  but we felt like God wad leading us to make.

We started our Marriage Coaching program with four couples. They varied in age; in area of the country; in stage of life; in condition of their relationship. We had no idea what we were getting into. We had no idea if this would even work. We had no idea if each couple would benefit from it.

We have been blown away at how God has shown up. The couples that we have coached and the way that God had lead in each of these relationships has been so awesome. We know that our Marriage Coaching Program isn’t for everyone. We know that we can’t reach every single couple that is hurting or in need of help, but it has been so wonderful to walk along side of a few couples and see the tremendous growth and healing that has taken place in their lives over the past year.

You can read about how our Marriage Coaching Program works on our resource web site: Refine Our Marriage. Our friend Jenny said this about her and her husband’s experience:

Justin and Trisha came along at a crucial time in our marriage and were a HUGE answer to prayer. The insight my husband and I gained from just one session gave us hope, courage, and focus in a way that weeks spent in therapy had not accomplished. There is something very powerful about coming together “in Christ’s name” to create stronger, healthier, more God-centered relationships and Justin and Trisha really get this.

We are opening registration for January 2011, today. If you are interested in our marriage-coaching program you can check out more info at Refine Our Marriage; you can leave a comment and we will follow up with you; or you can actually register by clicking HERE. (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

If you’d like to help us get the word out about our resource site for couples, feel free to tweet this post or share it on Facebook. Our ministry exists to renew hope and restore relationships. By God’s grace and with your help, we are honored to be doing that.

If you’d like more info about Marriage Coaching, just leave a comment.

2 Responses to Marriage Coaching 2011

  1. Even though we haven’t been able to connect w/y’all lately – just wanted you to know we are still reaping good fruit from our time together. Struggles still exist, yes, but God has brought us to some type of more peace-filled foundation… it’s weird. It’s nothing we have “done” to inherently change things, it is something He did to move some pieces and pop them into a better place for us, like some missing puzzle pieces… will keep you posted, but feeling very grateful for the time we had with you both 🙂 Will be praying for your next couples!

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