One Man, One Dream

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. believed every life, regardless of color, economic status or belief system, posses the ability to LOVE. And through the power of love, racism and war could be eradicated, resulting in a world thriving in peace and brotherhood. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was just ONE man.

ONE man who decided change needed to happen.

ONE man who inspired a movement.

ONE man who empowered others to dare to dream along side of him.

Chris and Cindy Johnson have been friends of ours for over thirteen years. We have dared to dream many dreams together. They had a dream to start a family but after years of infertility their dream was slowly fading away. Until one day, Cindy began to dream about adoption.

Both unsure if adoption would be a wise path for them, the “what if’s” of doubt almost paralyzed them from making any decision. But after praying and doubting, they chose to step out in faith. Stepping onto the long and often heartbreaking path of adoption, eventually bringing home their precious son Noah from an orphanage in Russia.

For most of us when we dream, we chose a smaller vision of our dream. We hope to experience just a small part of our big dreams. But often times when we step out in faith, God blows our minds in the most unexpected ways! Although the Johnson’s only thought to dream for one child, God had other plans and just three years after bringing Noah home, they returned to that same orphanage to adopt their sweet Ally.

davisONE couple saw through race, economic status and beliefs to believe through Christ any dream is possible!

Ally recently told us of a project she was doing at school about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and asked if she could write about Justin and me.

ONE girl, whose life was changed by ONE couple who chose to be brave and become her parents.

ONE girl who believes Justin and I are a modern day Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. because we too choose to believe in our own audacious dream.

ONE girl, who I believe, is the real hero living out Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision to LOVE beyond race, economic status and beliefs!

We wanted to take a moment to share her paper with you.

Justin and Trisha Are Making the World a Better Place

By Ally Johnson

We have some dear friends named Justin and Trisha Davis. They are pastors at a church in Nashville, Tennessee. They tell people about God and they also help people with their marriages. They had a very hard time in their life several years ago and they almost got divorced. Justin quit his job as a pastor and it was very painful for the whole family. But they asked God for help and they wrote a book about it. It is called Beyond Ordinary. Now they are famous. Their books are in all of the bookstores and you can order the book on They also made a video about their book. They didn’t write the book or make the video to become famous. They did it to make the world a better place and to help people find how to ask God for help when things are going wrong.

Their story reminds me of Martin Luther King Junior because he made the world a better place by all of the things that he did in the 1960s. He had a dream for all people to be treated fairly. His dream was for all blacks and whites to be created equally. He made it come true.

Justin and Trisha also work hard to make the world a better place and they are doing a great job. They travel around the country to tell their story and sell their books. It is hard for them to spend time away from their family to do this, but they have a mission and they have made it come true.

They have a wonderful family. They have three boys named Micah, Elijah and Isaiah. They are very good friends of ours and we try to see them whenever we can. We are very proud of what they are doing in the world and we are so lucky to be their dear friends. I think that Justin and Trisha are just like a current day Martin Luther King Jr.

YOUR life matters! Where can YOU choose to be brave and step out in faith to make the world a better place? Because it only takes ONE!

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