Never Too Late

In the fall of 2009 I began packing my suitcase to head south for the Catalyst conference in Atlanta Georgia. As I packed the excitement washed over me that this year’s Catalyst would be different. This year I could focus on my own personal growth and the future rather than redemption of my past. It was at Catalyst 2005 that our marriage started to fall apart but in 2009 Justin and I returned hand in hand to redeem what was lost.

Its funny how often times we convince ourselves that we already know what God is up to before He actually reveals it. Can you remember a time in your life where you just knew God was going to “do something” only to find that His “something” is much different than yours? There I sat pen in hand eagerly waiting to “grow” and then this happened.

I… Was… A… Mess! Guilt, shame and embarrassment engulfed my heart and soul. The excitement for the personal growth I thought would come to fruition got lost in my desire to hide. I needed to hide from an area of my life I hadn’t thought about in years. I wanted to hide from the pain it would bring if I fully engaged in growth that God was longing to bring about in me.

Not too long after Catalyst my dear friend Lindsey Nobles went on a bloggers trip with Compassion International. As I read her post each day, for me, it was much like Adam and Eve hiding in the garden. I could her God call out to me “why are you hiding?” It was in that moment that God allowed me to realize that its never to late to start anything…forgiving, trusting, reading His word and yes even taking a packet!

I had no idea when I chose to step out and finally follow the prompting God had repeatedly placed in my heart all that He would do. We are so excited to announce that Justin and I and RefineUs are partnering with Compassion as Compassion Speakers. It is an honor to be able to use our voice to speak for children are given hope and a future with the help of Compassion.

Why is RefineUs partnering with Compassion? If we have learned anything as we have sought restoration, it is that healing begins when we stop focusing on ourselves and realize that God uses us even when we are broken. Often it is in those moments that God uses us the most.

We believe that this community can make a huge impact in many children’s lives as we come together and trust God to use us in eternal ways.

In just over a month, I have the opportunity to travel to Guatemala and meet my Compassion child. This trip is a reminder to me that it is never too late to make a difference. It is never too late to be obedient. It is never too late to make a dent in poverty. I’m excited to share this trip with you, as I will be blogging while I’m there.

God redeems even the smallest details of our story. Our partnership with Compassion is a reminder that often God is just waiting for us to say yes, so He can do what only He can do.

Would you pray about sponsoring a child? You can do so today by clicking HERE.

3 Responses to Never Too Late

  1. cshell

    Our family started sponsoring Jacob in Tanzania this year, what a blessing it has been to US.  When i told our kids that we could sponsor four more kids with what I pay a month in cable fees they all asked at the same time…CAN WE TURN OFF OUR CABLE?   Our church just started the “Church to Church” program with Compassion and we will be adding to our sponsorship with one of the kids from our partner church in El Salvador.

    I personally have wasted alot of time when I could have been making a difference…i am so thankful for God’s grace and it never being too late.

  2. Tarno4

    Wow…your video brought tears to my eyes. So amazing. We sponsor a child with Compassion also and now I am wanting to book a trip for my family to travel to meet her. Thanks for sharing, and thank you for reminding me that God uses the broken. I am in a place where I am trying to figure out how God will use my story of brokeness and restoration. Trusting Him!!!

  3. Tammyhelfrich

    Love our Compassion child! So glad you are partnering with them! They are an amazing organization. Can’t wait to heat about your trip. That is our dream – to meet our Compassion child!