Last week, through the gift of a very good friend, Trisha went to the Grand Caymans on a cruise. She had a blast! The ocean is her love language. She loves the ocean and finds relaxation there more than anywhere else. Did she miss me? Yea, I think. 🙂 But she needed that time. She needed to recharge.

While she was away, life went on as usual for me. Actually, it was more intense than usual, as I came face to face with EVERYTHING Trisha does to make this place run. The boys showed me grace, as they realized very quickly that mom is gone; dad is trying to be mom; he will not succeed. 🙂

When Trisha got home on Thursday, I could see that she was rested. It was awesome. I knew that God had given her the rest that she desperately needed.

I needed rest too…but would have to find it in a different way. It had been a long week without her. I had two wedding rehearsals on Friday and two weddings I was performing on Saturday. So my weekend seemed void of the break I knew I needed. Then I had an idea.

On Saturday, Trisha and I met after my second wedding at our favorite restaurant, which is something that she really enjoys. Then we went to the movies, which is something I really enjoy. It was a great night.

Thinking back on the weekend, that night was important. I was running on empty. Life had been going at breakneck speed for a while for me. I couldn’t jump on a cruise ship or take a vacation. Because I was in tune with what drains me and what fills me up, we had a date night that allowed me to recharge and reconnect with Trish.

You  need to recharge. You need to take a break. You need to find something that you enjoy and carve out time for it. It doesn’t have to be a big trip or a vacation. Find little ways to get away. You won’t drift into resting…you will have to choose it. All of your relationships will benefit from that choice.

What do you do to recharge and refresh in your own life?

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