Refine Our Marriage

Last night, I posted on Twitter a picture of the book we received Monday from the printer. Our friend Ali worked with us over the past few months to design this marriage conference resource. It isn’t as big of a deal as receiving your book from a publisher, but this little booklet is very special to us. This booklet represents a five year journey in our lives and marriage that can only be described as God-ordained.

Trisha and I had no vision for ministry. We had no idea that God would use something so destructive; something so painful and humiliating to provide hope and healing to others.

God in a miraculous way, took something that was meant for harm and hurt and brought about redemption and restoration.

Sharing our story for the first time in 2009 evolved to starting our blog. Our incredible RefineUs community (you) helped us see a vision for ministry again. We established RefineUs Ministries in June 2009. The response continued to grow and God continued to lead and that vision lead to, in 2010.

We launched in August in hopes of establishing a resource to help restore hope and renew relationships. Our desire is to reach and serve three audiences: spouses in crisis; marriages in process and pastors and churches in need.

We launched our Marriage Coaching program. We began to write content for Marriage Conferences. We opened our schedule up to pastors and spouses who were struggling and have no one to talk to, through OneDays. We agreed to speak at churches and church leadership conferences. God continues to lead in ways that blow our minds every single day.

This weekend we have the honor of partnering with SunCrest Christian Church and lead them in our Refine Our Marriage Retreat. Then on Sunday, we have the opportunity to share with Fox Valley Christian Church, in Batavia, IL. Trisha and I were on staff there in 1997 as their student pastor. We are so excited to be back with them on Sunday.

Why do I share this? Three reasons:

1. Thank you. Thank you to those of you that have been with us since February of 2009. We didn’t even know what a blog was when we started this deal. You have prayed for us. You have encouraged us. You have believed in what God was doing when we were doubting our ability to communicate. You have emailed our posts; retweeted us; shared on Facebook; become a fan of our ministry; been a partner with us through prayer. The couples that hear God’s story this weekend do so because of your faithfulness. Thank you!

2. We want to serve you. The reason we launched was to provide resources. There are audio and video downloads. There are PDF downloads; there are several ways we are striving to restore hope and renew relationships. We want to be faithful to share what God has done and can do.

3. Be encouraged. Five years ago at this time, Trisha and I were separated. We didn’t live in the same house. We weren’t sure if our marriage would survive. God is bigger than our mistakes. He is bigger than our hurts. He is bigger than any destruction that may have wrecked your life. He has great plans for you. If He can restore our marriage and redeem us…he can do anything. Be encouraged. God is fighting for you even more than you are fighting for yourself. He has plans for you; plans to give you hope and a future. Live in that today.

We are so thankful for you. We are humbled to be on this journey with you. Please be praying for us this weekend as we share God’s desire and dream for marriage.

11 Responses to Refine Our Marriage

  1. Wow, isn’t it SO AMAZING how God will use the bad things we go through to be a blessing. I know I’ve experienced that in my own life involving a marriage as well. I’m so glad to see God working redemption in your marriage and now in the lives of others.

    Blessings to both of you and the ministry God has placed you in for His glory!!


  2. Sharmayn

    Praise God for you! Many prayers that you will continue to be His vessels of truth, healing and restoration. Glory to God for you both.

    • Mom J

      How God must be smiling on you as you love on others and proclaim the truthful journey of hope and living proof that He is faithful. You are like the balm of Gilead. And your book — it looks beautiful. All things beautiful when God is in it. You will never know until you get to heaven how many lives were touched with forgiveness, restoration and redemption. Praise God. Thank you Trish and Justin. Love you.

  3. We will be praying over the retreat and church services~ that many hearts will be healed and drawn back to Jesus.

    And WE are thankful for YOU and the hope you have shared so freely and courageously.

  4. That is awesome! So excited to see how God is using you guys. Love it when he uses our mistakes for his purpose!

  5. Makeda

    I tell your story often to others as a beautiful picture of what redemption looks like. Thank you for sharing so honestly and for taking all of us along this journey with you. I too will be praying for you guys this weekend. I’m excited to see what God does through you guys in this next season of your life and ministry. He is definitely up to something BIG! Sending you both much love from the Carolinas.

    • Thank you Makeda…for your support and for your prayers. It is people like you in our life that keep us pursuing all that God has in mind for RefineUs.

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  7. Redemption! I love it! I will be praying for you this weekend. I’m so proud of you both! I love you guys and am honored that you’re in my life like you are.

    • Thank you so much my friend! We are honored to have you in our life. You are a blessing to us and to all those around you! Love you BRO!