Seasons of Change and Letting Go

Recently, Justin was sifting through photos and found this gem of our three young boys from one of our favorite vacations to date!


  The picture below is just four years later!


Countless pounds and inches have been added to our family (unfortunately not all of them by my boys, but that’s for another blog post).

I was so taken back at the contrast not only in the physical appearance of my boys but also how drastically different our seasons of life have changed. Four years ago no one was driving, or dating, or visiting colleges or had all their grown-up teeth. It was a sweet season full of rhythm and familiarity. Four years ago our family was “in the groove” and as a lover of rhythm and routine, this was one of my best seasons to date.

Four years later, as awesome as it has been to see my boys grow and mature, so much has changed. SO MUCH. Routine and rhythm have been replaced by lots of “firsts.” First time to drive a car; first time to go to prom; first time to visit a college. You wouldn’t expect to deal with so many firsts in the latter years of your kids growing up. The hardest part of all these “firsts” isn’t just the massive amounts of change that comes with it but knowing the purpose of it all is to eventually let go.

Let go of a season.

Let go of a period in time I will never get back.

Let go of being in charge of my children’s lives.

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