Simple But Not Easy

Our first big fight came five months into marriage. We argued over Christmas presents. Gifts that were meant to express our love and appreciation ignited a verbal assault on one another’s heart.

The argument ended with three words, “I hate you.”

Married life wasn’t going to be as easy as we thought it would be.

Looking back now, eighteen years later, I (Trish) can see that we unknowingly equated simple with easy. We loved each other and we wanted to change the world together…simple enough.

Love seems simple…but it’s complicated.

Sexual intimacy is simple…but it’s very complex.

Marriage sounds simple…but it’s definitely not easy. 

Forgiveness is one word whose definition is simple to explain; yet the concept it represents is so hard to live out. There are some great quotes on forgiveness. A lot of Bible verses talk about it.

But how on earth do you forgive, truly forgive, when what forgiveness requires seems like more than you can give?

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One Response to Simple But Not Easy

  1. geoff

    I forwarded this email onto my daughter- who also needs this message of hope. Forgiveness is a difficult bridge to cross for both of us. I trust this will be a source of common ground from which can spring some dialogue, some open communication and some mutual forgiveness. Thanks for sharing. Geoff