Social Media 101

Social media is one of those rare events in which we get to say “remember when that was invented.” It’s a phenomenon much like the invention of the telephone or the Internet, in which, its very creation has forever changed human behavior. The drawback to being one of the first to take part in this type of marvel is the lack of rules of engagement.

I (Trisha) love to read. I love to read books, newspapers, even weather reports for that matter. I feel like I know exactly what I’m getting into when I choose to read a book. The rules of engagement are clear; I can finish the book or not finish the book. I can choose to read all of the newspaper or parts of the newspaper. I’m not accountable to anybody but me.

I also love to read tweets, Facebook posts, blogs and Instagram hashtags.  Although each are a form of expressing words, the words of social media seem to carry a heavier burden than simply siting down to read a book. Sometimes Oftentimes Most of the time, social media requires us to be… well… social…at least virtually.

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