Sons of Grace: An Interview

A few weeks ago, I shared with you a review of the book, Sons of Grace. If you love redemption stories, then the book is an awesome book to read. You get a front row seat with ten different men as they encounter Christ and His grace. As a person that loves second chances, this book reminded me of how thankful I am for grace. I had an opportunity to chat with Mark Hughes, the author of Sons of Grace and we wanted to share that with you today. Enjoy!

We will be giving away 5 copies of the book next week.

What is the last book you’ve read?

5 Responses to Sons of Grace: An Interview

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  2. Robyn Buxton

    Thanks for sharing! I love to read. Just finished “Battlefield of the Mind” by Joyce Meyer. Your blog has been a blessing to me.

    God Bless!


  3. Helen Metcalfe

    Thanks Justin for the great interview with Mark Hughes. I haven’t actually finished reading Sons of Grace yet, but I am hooked about half-way through. Interestingly, Mark said that he thought at least one of the chapters would resonate with every reader, given the prevalence of alcoholism, drug problems, cancer and all the other ‘idols’ or health problems in society. While I’m sure that is the case, I have actually found that each chapter resonates with me, because whatever the sin or issue holding each author back at the darkest times of their lives, they all have the common themes of sin, God’s grace and forgiveness. And redemption. I found the first chapter by Ron Gruber particularly powerful, for example. I’ve not been guilty of murder, but I’ve been guilty of many other things which I desperately needed God’s grace and forgiveness for. And the bible tells us that sin is sin – even if we try to tell ourselves that the magnitude of our own sin is less than someone else’s, we are in no less a hopeless place without God’s grace.

    Mark at one point mentions that around 40% of women suffer from depression. As a doctor, I just wanted to agree with how common this illness is, but also to clarify that it is equally as common for men to suffer from it. And depression in men is even more underdiagnosed and undertreated as men are less likely to tell someone about it. Just wanted to make that point.

    Great interview – I really enjoyed it, thank you.

  4. Toni

    Love God’s AMAZING GRACE!! I just finished reading “A Confident Heart” by Renee Swope. How to stop doubting yourself & live in the security of God’s promises! Phenominal book!! It impacted my life and has been life changing for me! 🙂