The Best Christmas Ever

Every Christmas since I was 8 years old, I have ended the gift giving and unwrapping with the phrase, “This was the best Christmas, EVER!” I truly believe that that specific Christmas was better than any before it. While that may or may not be true, Christmas of 2007, I gave the best Christmas gift, ever!

I had been out of ministry for two years and I had a really good year at my sales job. I wanted to do something special and something that would blow Trisha’s mind. On Christmas morning, I gave her two tickets to see Les Miserables. Trisha had seen the musical when she was in high school in Chicago and it was her favorite musical of all time. When she opened the box, she looked more confused than excited…she was confused because that show hadn’t been on Broadway in years. What she didn’t know was it was back! Back for a 25th anniversary showing for a limited time on Broadway in New York. She was stunned.

The day after Christmas, we flew to New Jersey; took the train to New York; went to dinner at a very nice restaurant; went to see Les Miserables on Broadway; stayed up all night walking around New York city; then flew home the next day. It was truly the best Christmas present I’ve ever given. (And now that we are back in ministry, it will be the best present I will ever give. 🙂 )

I thought it would be fun today to brag on ourselves a little. What is the best Christmas present you have ever given?

Share with us today…the best gift you’ve ever given?

4 Responses to The Best Christmas Ever

  1. I think the gift I was most excited to give was in 2009 when I gave my husband tickets to the Chris Botti concert the following March. (My husband is also a trumpet player.) That was also the month our marriage hit rock bottom and we needed a “date” to look forward to. And the concert was SO cool. Chris Botti is a smooth dude!

  2. cshell

    15 days after we hit bottom was Christmas 2008….we were hanging by a thread and in shambles.  I got a green piece of construction paper, cut out a red heart and pasted it to it.  I wrote on it, “this is all I have left to give” and put it in her stocking.

  3. Joel Basinger

    Sixteen years ago to the day I gave my girlfriend an engagement ring for Christmas. She has stuck by me through all my failures and I love her more today than ever. The best gift I ever got was her saying yes.

  4. When I was a sophomore in high school, my parents were struggling financially… and I had my eye on a very special leather jacket – something I had wanted for a few years.   Knowing their situation, I don’t even think I told them about it.   But one of my sisters did.   That year, everyone (my parents and 3 sisters) sacrificed a bit on their gift giving to make sure they could get me the jacket.   It’s the only Christmas morning that made me cry.