The Biggest Cheerleader

Yesterday was a really fun day for me. I got made fun of a little, but I’m cool with it. Trisha is a part of a movement of pastors’ wives and women in ministry called Leading and Loving It. It is a phenomenal community of women. Thus why I was made fun of…because Trisha spoke at their JustOne Conference yesterday, and I was one of one dude chatting, tweeting and Facebooking the conference.

When Trisha and I separated six years ago, I sat in a counseling session alone. I don’t remember how the session started, but I remember how it ended. My counselor asked me to do an inventory of the times I felt supported by Trisha. I don’t have the list I made that day, but it took me about 20 seconds to come up with this list…

  • When I wanted to move to Sandusky, OH and serve as a 100 year old church’s first youth pastor, Trish moved with me
  • When I had no one to direct the Christmas musical, Trisha supported me and did it
  • When I wasn’t happy in this traditional small church, and wanted to move to a bigger church, Trisha cheered me on and moved
  • When I needed someone to build a student worship band, Trisha supported my ministry and built three separate teams
  • When that church got too small for my dreams, Trisha said goodbye to friends and family and moved again to support my dreams
  • When I had a vision to sell everything we owned and start a church in a place we knew 4 people, Trisha was my biggest cheer leader
  • When I came home after attendance sucked; my message bombed; an elder’s meeting was rough; I had a conflict with a staff member; or got an nasty email from someone in the church, Trisha cheered me on.
  • When I broke our vows; lost our house; took Trish from the church we started and the friends we had and asked her to start all over with me…she supported me and cheered on my restoration.

I want to be her biggest cheerleader. God is opening doors for her to speak and write and bring hope to others and I want to cheer her on. I want to be the first one to brag on her; I want to be the loudest voice saying, “Way to go.” I want to fuel the dreams that God has placed in her heart, like she has selflessly done for me for the past 18 years.

What about you? Are you the champion of your spouse’s dreams? It is so easy to just expect them to help us achieve all that we have in our heart, while forgetting God has placed us in their lives to be their biggest cheerleader. What is one dream your wife has? What is one thing you could help your husband accomplish?

Knowing the answer to those questions are the first step in cheering them on.


4 Responses to The Biggest Cheerleader

  1. Great reminder.  I think I forget to verbalize this on a regular basis. 

  2. Angie Young

    Thanks for the reminder. I am a quiet cheerleader, but a supporter none-the-less. I am from Sandusky, Ohio 🙂 (born there)