The Biggest Hurdle to a Better Marriage

Money is the biggest hurdle to couples investing in their marriage.  When marriages are in trouble most of the time finances are too. That was the case for us when our marriage imploded.

Every week we receive emails from people sharing with us how broken their marriage is. When we share resource options or invite them to join us for the RefineUs Weekend here in Nashville, the most common hinderance is financial.

It is vicious cycle. We don’t have money to invest in our marriage and our marriage doesn’t get better because we don’t invest in it. We want to help break that cycle by giving you a huge discount on The RefineUs Marriage Seminar.

We want to make our marriage resources accessible to more couples. If money is the biggest hurdle to people investing in their marriage we will do all we can to lower that hurdle.

Right now, we are cutting the price of the 6-session Marriage Seminar by 55%.marriageSeminarDVD2

  The seminar is loaded with content covering topics like communication, conflict resolution, forgiveness, sexual intimacy and God’s vision for marriage. (Plus bonus videos from Natalie Grant, Patsy Clairmont and Mike Grayson)

For the next week instead of this 6 session seminar being $119, you can get all six sessions, the outlines and discussion questions as well as 4 bonus videos for $53.55.

We’ve seen this seminar transform marriages, heal relationships, open up new conversations and reconnect couples in a brand new way. We want you to have this resource. 

Click HERE to get this 6-Session Marriage seminar for 55% off.

(You will need the discount code “MARRIAGE” at check out.)

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