The Labels We Choose

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Every day people search the internet for answers. Medical answers. Parenting tips. Cooking instruction. Marriage help. Every day I can see what people type into their search to find our web site.

The top searches in the picture above is pretty much the same each day. It is sobering to think that somewhere, at some moment, in some city, someone typed into Google, “Cheating Pastors” and they were directed to me (Justin). It is tempting to allow those two words to haunt me…to define me.

What are the labels you live with? What would direct a Google search to you if someone knew the deepest parts of your heart?

-impatient parent

-short-tempered employee

-unemployed again

-porn addict

-financial disaster

-anxious wife

-insecure husband

People will try to label you. But we are the experts at choosing our labels. We love placing labels on ourselves don’t we?

We have mistakes and regrets and baggage that continue to follow us. We think we’ve overcome them and then they show up in a Google search.

Your Heavenly Father has labeled you.







We live out of the labels we allow to define us.

Choose the label God has for you. Your mistakes and past can’t follow you if you allow God to redefine you.

You are His.

6 Responses to The Labels We Choose

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  2. There is such a freedom in choosing my own labels using God’s perspective.

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  4. Steve

    Wow! Jesus is so good… I so needed this today. Thank you for heeding God’s call to serve and share as you do. Blessed to be a blessing indeed…

    • Justin and Trisha

      So glad God used it, Steve. Thank you!