The Most Important Question

It’s no secret that life has been pretty hectic for us over the past few months. Our travel schedule has been full, our kids’ sports season is in full swing, life has been busy.

In a moment of quiet a few days ago, I felt God prompt me with this question: “Am I enough for you?”

It’s easy for me value God’s “presents” more than I value his “presence.” I can easily be more concerned with what God can give me than I am with simply who he is. I place expectations on him. I give ultimatums. I hold him hostage to my plans and dreams.

I say that Jesus is enough. But is he truly enough or do I desire the things he gives me more than I desire him?

If everything else goes away…is Jesus enough?

  • If your marriage never gets any better…is Jesus enough?
  • If you don’t get that promotion…is Jesus enough?
  • If you lose your house…is Jesus enough?
  • If that friendship is never reconciled…is Jesus enough?
  • If you lose your job…is Jesus enough?
  • If you never get remarried…is Jesus enough?
  • If that dream you’ve been dreaming for years doesn’t come true…is Jesus enough?
  • If he never says he’s sorry…is Jesus enough?
  • If she doesn’t choose you…is Jesus enough?
  • If the person that means the most to you causes you the most pain…is Jesus enough?
  • If everything and everyone goes away…is Jesus enough?

Is Jesus enough? I want the answer to be yes and maybe that is the place to start.

The truth about me, and probably the truth about you is that most of the time, Jesus isn’t enough…until He’s all you have.

Then, He is more than you could ever imagine.

12 Responses to The Most Important Question

  1. Beth

    My husband has been living with another woman for 3 years now…God has been and continues to be enough! I pray every day for my husband to repent, I want/pray for healing for our family. Reading the Bible, your book and many others for encouragement. Have support from a great family and friends. God will make a way, where there seems to be No Way.

  2. Deseri

    I would really like to delete my last comment…I would appreciate that. I didn’t realize my name would post like that. ugh! But since it is… I couldn’t be more frustrated. Four years into my marriage I got saved. I have been praying for my husband ever since. His addiction has grown worse, we have been separated for six months and I HATE IT. I desperately trying to hang onto Jesus..for my two daughters. HE is ALL I have left.

  3. Rebekah

    I’ve been feeling God say something like this to me a lot lately. I’ve been getting, “Let him go!” He’s not saying let my husband leave, but let my husband do what he’s got to do for him, for God. God’s working in him and I need to let him (my husband) go to do God’s work and figure what God wants for him without me trying to control it. I’ve got to let go because as you said, Jesus IS enough. It is scary to do that before you have nothing because the fear is that it’ll cause you to have nothing. But I know that’s not God’s plan. Thank you for working with God and helping me let go and let God.

  4. Monica

    Thanks so much for this message–it really gets to the most important point. I have been praying for the restoration of my marriage and I have been praying for God to guide my (ex) husband and I the best way he knows. I try daily to give up my attempts to control the future and just let God guide me.
    I recently finished reading your book and I want to thank you so much for sharing your story and wisdom with everyone. It is so inspiring!

  5. Michelle

    I remind myself of this all of the time. My husband and I saw you in Greenville, SC (I spoke to Justin briefly at the book table). Things aren’t getting better. I know that God is telling me to stay, but the reality is my husband isn’t interested in even trying to make things better.
    So I remind myself…no matter what happens, God’s got this and He is all I need.

    • Justin and Trisha

      Praying for you Michelle…praying for your husband too.

    • vee

      What an awesome message. Those questions are difficult to answer. I don’t feel that anymore, He used to be. I guess I have given up, but more on myself. I stopped going to church for almost 2 years now. I’m afraid and ashamed of what had happened. I don’t want to be around people that I use to fellowship with, cause I’m afraid of the questions they might ask me. I think that we tend to focus more on our problem, hurt and pain that we loose track of the One that will heal us. I do speak to Jesus but at certain times. I guess I’ve lost my rhythm for church, I guess that’s where the pain begun. At times I couldn’t sleep, because the pain was so much, but at least now its getting better. My wife prays everyday in the car as we drive to work, but I don’t really focus on it. I know she’s trying and I have to let go now. She made a mistake but that’s not who she is, I guess some mistakes are not meant to happen, but it does. I haven’t given up on Jesus, I’ve just left Him aside like an antique collecting dust. I know that He loves me dearly and is waiting for me to call on Him. Justin I don’t know you, I haven’t met you, but God is really using you and your wife to mend marriages and you guys are doing an awesome job. I will never ever forget when I needed to mail you for info and I could not get it because of certain criteria. But you never stopped there, you helped me out. I’m utterly grateful for that. Your words were “I would hate it if you never got it…” That was like blood in my veins, that was my hope. I know I’m trying, but I need to try more hard. If my family is worth it than I need to fight harder and if she is worth it then I need to fight even more harder. It’s not any easy road but I know its worth it. I need to start making Jesus my more then enough.

      • Justin and Trisha

        Praying for you vee…I know that sounds trite, but please know you’re in our prayers.