The Whole Truth

A few weeks ago, my friend Grant and I happened to show up at the same Starbucks at the same time. He had scripts to write for the weekend and I had a message to write. We exchanged small talk then went to work. A few hours later, I was up and ready to leave, and Grant handed me a CD. It was a burned CD with some writing on it. In Nashville, people hand you those all the time, so it wasn’t out of the ordinary.

What caught my attention is how he described the CD. He said, “Your story is all about brokenness and redemption…this CD is redemption put to music. Really good music.” I grabbed the CD and told him I would listen to it. I got in my car and put the CD in as I drove to pick up one of my sons from school. By the time I got to the school I was in tears. I sat there and heard MY story on this CD. Story of failure. Story of hurt and betrayal. Story of disappointing and letting down. But the story of grace and restoration and redemption was louder than the bass. It was music to my soul.

As my son got in the car he said, “What’s wrong with you?” I told him about the CD and just how God had spoken to my heart through it. He asked if he could listen. I turned the radio back on and immediately he said, “That’s Da Truth!!!” I said, “You know who this guy is?” “My son said, “Dad he is one of my favorite rappers.” We drove home listening to the CD and talking about the lyrics. I got home and sent Grant a text and said, “You have to hook me up with this guy!” So over the last couple of weeks, I have been messaging back and forth with Da Truth. (My kids think I’m really cool at this point.)

His CD released on Wednesday of this week, and he has been so gracious to allow me to give away 5 autograph copies of his newest CD The Whole Truth. Track 5 is my favorite track on the entire CD and it is the title track to the CD. You can watch the music video below.

I don’t want to blow the surprise, so I’ll just say this. I’m going to be sharing more with you next week about Da Truth’s story. He and his wife have an incredible story of failure, loss and redemption that I can’t wait to share with you! One of the greatest things beyond the lyrics of this CD is that all 3 of our boys LOVE this CD. So as we are driving in the car, each one of them requests a certain track. What a gift to listen to music that shares God’s story in a relevant way for Trisha and me…and our 3 boys. Such a gift!

If you’d like to enter to win the AUTOGRAPHED copy of the CD, it’s pretty easy.

1. Leave a comment and share with us your favorite style of music. (even if you like country I won’t disqualify you.) 🙂
2. Tweet this on Twitter: Enter to win the new @truthonduty AUTOGRAPHED CD from @justindavis33 and
3. If you hit LIKE on the post, put that in the comments and that will enter you again.

Even if you don’t win, you can purchase The Whole Truth on iTunes:CLICK HERE

We’ll announce winners on Sunday and I’ll have more of Da Truth’s story next week.

79 Responses to The Whole Truth

  1. Timothy Hordern

    I’ve been into the hiphop right from the start. If it wasn’t for Christian hiphop, I may not be a Christian today. This is an awesome song and film clip, I like it =D

  2. Not going to lie, I’m a country kind of girl!  That said, I’m also a big fan of modern rock 🙂  I’d love to give this CD a try though…

  3.  I am a christian rapper livin in the country! Love this story and I love all music Glorifying Christ as GOD

  4. Anonymous

    Worship music, alternative rock, dance, hip hop, singer/songwriter. All of it. That song on the video is fantastic. 

  5. Talamara

    I love christian hip hop, christian rock, contemporary and gospel music!

  6. B. D

    My favorite style of music is gospel!!! the stories they tell, the struggle, the victory, the encouragement, THE WORD! By far, my favorite Genre!

  7. Kenny E

    Love listening to Christian Hip-Hop, da’ truth is one of my favorite artists. I’ve been fan of his for a bit over a year now and Im so happy hes back after his ordeal.

  8. Jessica Dickson

    It’s hard to say what my favorite is. I listen most often to Sweeney Todd: the Demon Barber of Fleet Street (the musical) and Lecrae’s “Rehab” album. My favorite genre is either showtunes or jazz standards, though. 

  9. krbz

    I like all genres of music, preferring songs that have a positive message and loving songs reppin’ Christ.  

  10. Tarno4

    I love the song. Cant wait to hear about their story of redemption. I will share this with my husband when he comes home today.  We are working on our own story of redemption. Our favorite music is Christian music. Would love to win a CD. 🙂

  11. Joel Mathews

    I enjoy Gospel Hip-Hop and any kind of worship as well as 90’s rock (it just brings back the memories).

  12. Arielle

    I agree with you and this post 100%! I’ve been blessed to see Da’ T.R.U.T.H. perform before his hiatus and afterwards, and I can say that he is a new man, and the Holy Spirit is at work! He’s always been a speaker and I am praising God that he saw fit to spare Him from losing it all for good. This album is so relevant and every person, saved or not, backslidden or newly found, needs to hear these words!

    Jesus is a Redeemer!

    (I liked the post too, btw :))

    • Arielle

      Oh.. and to answer your question.. my favorite music to listen to is worship songs with contemplative lyrics that cause me to open God’s word. Uplifts my soul and encourages me.

  13. Chris

    Great music. I like many kinds, Christian, U2, Sting. Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. Misteffy

    I like all kinds of music, good beats and messages.

  15. Brandi

    Awesome!! Music is powerful and it comes in so many forms. I love all types of music. My most recent additions to the cd collection have been Adele and LeCrea. Can’t get more opposite than that. We love LeCrea in our house, would recommend him to you since you like Da Truth.

  16. Mroziers

    I love CCM music. DaTruth was the first Christian rapper I listened 2 and enjoyed!

  17. It’s usually Christian Hip Hop. By the way this is the first time on this site because of this post, but so far it has been a blessing to browse around. Praise God for your story. 

  18. Tim Roberts

    Love worship as well as alternative music that makes me think about my walk with God. 

  19. Nikki Brungard

    Yay!  We’ve been looking for some good new music for our basketball-loving ten year-old and this will fit the bill.  As for favorite music genre, how about Christmas music in general.  Any kind.  Love it!  Not a genre, but it’s the best I’ve got. 🙂

    And P.S.,  I clicked the like button too…

  20. Mike

    Music speaks to me in so many ways. That variety of music is all over the board. I like all styles of music and let that speak to me through my day. Early morning may be quiet worship, the drive to work may be rock, an afternoon lunch of top 40, a drive home with jazz or big band and quiet after dinner relaxation with classic. Thanks for sharing a new artist with us and praying that God uses this tool to reach those broken hearted.

  21. SonyaLWilliams Author

    I absolutely love The Whole Truth. I appreciate his honesty because that’s what allows others to be set free from their sin, by hearing our testimonies of falling but also rising w/the help of Christ. My favorite type of music is gospel. Mostly gospel rap/hip hop. I also love worship music by William McDowell

  22. Jen Easley

    I love R&B and hip hop.  I’m so thankful the industry (Christian music) has come so far in offering a variety of GOOD music with the GOOD NEWS.

  23. Hey Justin, I look foreword to hearing about this on Sunday!
       Really I like a little of every genre. I’m a drummer so I basically like what ever music I can drum to… lol 
    I have been listening to “Da T.R.U.T.H.” for a long time and have a lot
    of his music. Happy to hear how God used his music to remind you of the
    power of are testimony. Gods cool like that, lol.
    See you Sunday!


  24. Nnicholas

    Hey Justin, I look foreword to hearing about this on Sunday!
       Really I like a little of every genre. I’m a drummer so I basically like what ever music I can drum to… lol 
       I have been listening to “Da T.R.U.T.H.” for a long time and have a lot of his music. Happy to hear how God used his music to remind you of the power of are testimony. Gods cool like that, lol.
    See you Sunday!


  25. COLEplusTEN

    My favorite style of music would have to be UK Christian rap and Christian boom bap! I also liked the post.

  26. I ♥ all christan music! && I would really love to win this cd. I also liked on facebook!

  27. tyshan

    Its really sweet how a family can come together through music, but I guess thats just the effects of music, its a universal language. My favorite styles of music are gospel, Christian Hip Hop and Old School Rnb. 

  28. Joanna Jones E

    My name is Joanna and my fav style of music is (neo)soul and rap! *christian of course ;)*

  29. Keiunna

    I love Christian music. Mainly Contemporary Christian and Gospel.

  30. Cam4ever14

    I like everything from gangster rap to metal.

  31. Tony Guajardo

    My favorite genre is CHH and I would love to win this cd.

  32. PkpAA696

    Love almost any music praising God, especially CHH. But DC Talk was my first tape, so I still love CCM too! And everybody loves Kirk and GP!

    • Pkpaa696

      I also liked the page. My twitter and fb name is leightonelliott

  33. Jenna

    I like pretty much any genre of music, with the exception of reeeeally hard metal and bluegrass. =P

  34. DeezMom

    My favorite type of music is Gospel. I can appreciate Da Truth’s music because the truth of what the Gospel is all about comes bursting thru the lyrics. My 7yr old son who’s is a believer actually calls him his favorite artist, and DaTruth is actually the only ‘approved’rapper of any kind in our home. It really blesses me to have music that not only ministers to him, but that we can Share as mother and son. He has made such a positive impact on my son’s walk with Christ and I can sincerly say, that once Christ forgave Him for his indiscretion….so did I. I first experienced this ministry at my church’s Youth Weekend some years back and we are grateful and prayerful supporters of Mr. Lambert and his beautiful wife and family.*tears*(Det., Mi)

  35. Emma

    I’d love to win this as I can’t buy it in iTunes New Zealand! 🙂

  36. jessica walbridge

    All kinds.  While I was listening to the posted song my eldest child (have nine) came in and asked what I was listening too.  I told him your story and what you liked about the music.  It was a good conversation.  We are waiting on my prodigal husband to find his way back to God and us.  Redemption stories fill us with hope, thanks.

  37. Theryderfamily

    I like all kinds of music. It really depends on my mood. Pretty sure we would all love this cd!

  38. Wendy0317

    My fav music is Christian…and I am looking for a way to get my sons in on this music!!

  39. cshell

    I’m a child of the 80’s so headbanger here, but my oldest…she is 14 and loves the hip-hop.  I’ve become a huge fan of Lecrae, Tripp Lee, etc.  Would LOVE to win this for her.

  40. I guess if I had to pick one “genre” it would be alternative rock but I’m usually drawn to artists more than styles.  

  41. I guess if I had to pick one “genre” it would be alternative rock but I’m usually drawn to artists more than styles.  

  42. I guess if I had to pick one “genre” it would be alternative rock but I’m usually drawn to artists more than styles.  

  43. Gerald

    i like holy hip hop and would enjoy this cd if i was chosen

  44. This sounds fantastic. I can’t wait to hear more of his story. Oh, and my favorite style of music has got to be hip-hop, bar none.

  45. Ryan Grammatico

    Well, I am a hip hop head and acoustic guitar folk style. Great combo huh?