Valentine’s Week Relationship Series: Lindsey Nobles

Today’s post is from one of our best friends, Lindsey Nobles. Lindsey works for an organization called Feed The Children. Lindsey has the gift of seeing God’s best in others and encouraging them to live out their dreams. She has certainly done that for us over the past four years.

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Valentine's Day

Am I content with being single?

That’s probably a stretch. Probably the right word to describe my feelings on singleness is conflicted. That’s right, I am conflicted about being single.


All in all, my life is good. My life is full, overflowing in fact. But it’s hard too, you know?


There are mornings when I am thankful for the solitude of living alone. There are days when I am thankful for the ability to say yes to trips, to building dreams, to where I am feeling called, without having to slow down and wait for a spouse to get onboard.

And there are days when I yearn for someone to stand up for me and yell, “no” to all the demands and directions life seems to pull me in.  There are evenings when I long for quiet companionship, a man to change the hard to reach light bulb on the front porch, someone to challenge me when I start listening to the lies.

Yep, I’m conflicted.

I don’t think God created us to live life alone. So I have people. A gazillion people. Too many people trying to fill the vacuum created by the lack of “the one” who got down on bended knee, “the one” who said “I do” to the idea of spending life side by side forever, “the one” who changed my name and made me finally feel known.

And I don’t think God wants us to substitute “the one” for Him.  I see so many who naively idolize their present or future spouse. Human love is no substitute for perfect love.

God is the one who knows us inside and out.  God is the one who chooses us for eternity. God is the one who changes our names, calls us “beloved”, and makes beauty out of our ashes. No man can “complete me” {so there Jerry Maquire}, Christ completes me.

And maybe, just maybe, the contentment will come someday. But for now, I’ll try to rest in Truth and the tensions of being 30-something and single.

3 Responses to Valentine’s Week Relationship Series: Lindsey Nobles

  1. Donna Lohr

    Lindsey, be brave. I was 42 when my Prince Charming decided to show up and ask. he showed up a year and a half earlier, but was taking his time….making sure and all that! He’s 6 years older than me. My life was finally full, I thought, but then God says, “This one.” The wait is hard, but in my case, very worth it!

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