What About You?

This is a guest post from our son Elijah. He is 13 years old and wants to change the world. After reading this, you may want to join him.

This summer I came to two conclusions: God is crazy, and I’m crazy as well. I already knew God was kinda crazy but he really sealed the deal with this one. I was at a summer camp with my old church from Indiana. I still love to attend even though we live in Nashville. I had just came back from church camp with Cross Point just a few days before. So my heart was still in the spiritual high, and very open to what God wanted to speak to me.

At camp on the second to last night the speaker (we call him Johnny V.) spoke about Compassion International. I knew in my head my mom and dad sponsor children with Compassion and I just thought to myself, “I can check this one off my list.” But the speaker told us, “I know your parents might sponsor a kid, but what about you?” He then went on speaking about his Compassion child and how he sponsored her. But then God spoke to my heart, “He’s talking to you dude, and I’m talking to you! You need to sponsor a child.

That night, my adrenaline and the overwhelming presence of God came over me. I ran like Usian Bolt to the table with the packets. I have a passion for Africa and am going back there in October, so I searched for a child from Kenya and grabbed it. I walked back to my cabin crying, talking with one of the leaders along the way. He said, “Dude! I cant believe you grabbed a packet that’s awesome!” I smiled in reply my mind reeling with how I could bless a child.

I went back to my cabin, and asked my leader if I could borrow his phone to call my mom. I was crying , as I told my mom holding the packet my hands trembling, “Mom I know this is crazy but I want to sponsor this Compassion child. I’ll do anything. I’ll get a job, or do extra chores for you guys, anything to make sure I can sponsor this child.”

My mom replied, “Okay buddy! Once you get back home we can talk about it and see what we can do!” I was filled with joy. I thought, I might not have the best chance but we’ll talk about it! I got this!

This is how I think God works sometimes he tells us, “You want to hear something crazy?” and he unfolds his plan to us.

A few weeks after I got home I got a job babysitting every Sunday morning for a staff member at Cross Point. I watch her little boy at the church while she serves each Sunday. They pay me $15 per week. I give my parents the money and I get to keep $22 per month for myself.

You might not think your vision has a chance, but I think if we pursue God’s purpose enough He helps us achieve it.

brianThis is Brian, he’s 5 years old and he’s super cool! Just seeing Brian’s picture every morning hung up next to my door reminds me everyday that I’m helping him have a brighter future. Maybe God is calling you to sponsor a child, and if you do just know you’re changing a child’s life, and in the process changing the world.

Would you help me change the world by sponsoring a child? You can RIGHT HERE! Let’s do this!

14 Responses to What About You?

  1. Lisa T

    My oldest daughter is very generous and compassionate and has always had a heart for missions. It wasn’t a surprise when she asked me if she could sponsor a child for Compassion International during one of our Youth Retreats.

    What was a bit of a surprise was when my youngest daughter (a bit of a tight wad with her money) called me while she was away at camp this summer pleading with me to allow her to sponsor a child. She said she had been feeling the Lord tugging on her heart all week and she felt led to sponsor an older teen who might not get help otherwise.

    I am very proud of both of my girls for seeing there are others in the world whose lives they can impact in the name of Jesus.

    Compassion International is a great organization and you are doing a fantastic job promoting this ministry! Thanks Elijah! Keep up the good work!

  2. amanda

    seriously?? Elijah, Brian’s won’t be the only life you change with that heart of yours! So proud of you!!

  3. cshell

    Awesome story Elijah! My kids decided we should cancel cable when they found out we could sponsor 3 kids through Compassion with the amount we paid each month for TV.
    Keep your dreams alive!

  4. What an incredible example to us, the older generation, to do whatever we can to give to someone in need!

  5. AWESOME! Justin and Trisha you have a great kid!
    God bless.
    Thanks for sharing this, it brought tears to my eyes. God uses us all, no matter our age, to enhance the Kingdom of God!