Your Past Matters…but how much?

What a week it has been! Over the last eight days, Trish has shared our story on CNN, the local NBC affiliate in Indianapolis, and yesterday morning the Today Show shared a quote from our book, Beyond Ordinary!

As this national coverage has come, many have asked us if it is hard to keep digging up the past. Do we struggle with sharing such hard things from our past? These are thoughtful and valid questions.

But here is our heart: We aren’t digging up the past…we are leveraging our past to change your present and future marriage!

There are few things I wish I would have done different in my past.

  • Been completely authentic with Trish and a few close friends about my inner life
  • Cared more about what God thinks about me than others
  • Asked for help earlier
  • Invested in my marriage as much as my career
  • Here is the truth today:

You have the choice right now to either work on your marriage or not.There isn’t an in between and my question for you this is this…Are you satisfied with what you have now in your marriage?

  • Is your marriage everything you hoped it would be when you started?
  • Does forgiveness and grace flow freely in your home?
  • Do you have an awesome sex life that is completely fulfilling?
  • Can you imagine a marriage where trust is deep and intimacy was white hot?

It’s possible but it doesn’t happen by chance. I completely understand where you are and here is what I’ve learned over the last nine years: Your past CAN matter but CAN’T be your master!

How do you get over your past and create an amazing future? To have something different, you have to do things differently.

As you head into the weekend, what is one thing you can choose this weekend that will build into your marriage?

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