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One of my favorite things about RefineUs, is the opportunity it has given us to travel and meet people from all over the world. One of my (Trisha) most favorite and memorable introductions took place when I met Raechel Myers in 2013. I initially met Raechel as we both boarded a plane in Nashville, TN to attend the same conference in Austin, Texas.

To begin with, I was a bit of a hot mess during this trip. Justin had recently stepped down from a full–time position at our church to go part-time, so we could both serve RefineUs full-time as authors, bloggers and speakers. I knew how to be a pastor’s wife but I had no idea what these new titles even meant. Now I was sitting on a plane headed to an event for women authors, bloggers and speakers.

After the plane landed we hopped into a shuttle van already loaded with a handful of women. As they started to introduce themselves, trying to stall for time, I nervously searched for a way to buckle myself in, secretly panicking as to which group I should lump myself into as I introduced myself. I was still pretty new to this whole author, blogger, speaker world and not only did I fumble trying to put a coherent introduction together, I almost forgot my name.

But then Raechel…

Raechel sat next to me and started to introduced herself. She had such a peaceful-joy about her, I immediately felt my body relax over the relief that maybe these next few days wouldn’t be so bad after all. She shared with me the miraculous story of her ministry. How she, along with her amazing co-founder Amanda Bible Williams, were also stepping out in faith to launch She Reads Truth, even though, they too lacked the right titles for the job. She was absolutely glowing as she shared how God was allowing them to reach over a million women in the infancy stage of SRT, not with a hint of pride but more out of a posture of “can you even believe how awesome God is?”.

Did I mention the part where she woke-up that morning before getting on the plane in Nashville, to the heartbreaking reality that she was miscarrying? Yes, this pure radiant-joy-filled woman was in the midst of a miscarriage. And although tears were shed during our conversation, she had an unexplainable peace and joy! A peace and joy, flowing out of a heart rooted in God’s word, producing an unwavering trust that Jesus IS in the details and one day she would be reunited with her baby.

That conversation, on that shuttle, as I fought with an non existent seat belt, on my way to my scary event, marked me in two very specific ways. First, it was a wake-up call to reclaim who I have always been… HIS. Regardless of my job title, marital status or season of life, my identity is found in a faithful God who loved me before I loved him. And secondly, in order to live out this truth, I have to constantly keep myself bathed in HIS truth… in other words, I need to daily OPEN MY BIBLE!

Racheal and Amanda are like Christmas lattes from Starbucks. 🙂 They are strong, bold, sweet, special and leave you feeling whimsical about life. I love them both deeply and have been inspired by their tenacious work ethic to inspire woman to open their bibles and get in the word of God. She Reads Truth and their newly launched He Reads Truth are changing how we see and read God’s word!

Check out their video.

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Raechel and Amanda continue to inspire us to keep stepping out in faith, which, is both exhilarating and scary as all get out. With over 30,000 monthly readers on our blog and over 12,000 followers on our RefineUs Facebook page, we are excited to expand our reach by officially launching our RefineUs Instagram account!

To ENTER TO WIN follow us on Instagram at RefineUs. We’ll pick 5 winners at the end of the week and have the prizes to you before Christmas!


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