A Few Months from Now

Sin’s greatest strength is that it is relentless. It wears you down. It messes with your mind. It always over promises and under delivers.

Sin doesn’t usually require you to make huge compromises or take giant leaps away from God…it lures you into tiny, unnoticeable, justifiable decisions.  It doesn’t always come against you with blatant lies; it just distorts and twists the truth. It hides, it compromises, it shades, and it bends.

What we begin to believe is that choosing our own way will work out. We are more talented than people we’ve seen fail. We are more wise than people we’ve seen fall. We are different. It will be okay. We will get over it. People will heal. It’s not that big of a deal. We believe that time will cover our sin. A few months from now, everything will be fine.

Maybe you’re contemplating sin right now. It talks to you. It taunts you.

It’s not an affair…it’s just text messages.

A little Internet porn never hurt anyone.

You deserve to have someone listen to you, and if your husband won’t listen, you’re your old boyfriend on Facebook will.   

Your wife doesn’t admire or respect you anymore, but your secretary does.

Leaving your wife won’t damage your kids that much.

Telling one lie doesn’t make you a liar.

It’s not cheating; you’re just being flirtatious.


When I told my wife that I didn’t want to be married anymore; that I would be happier without her; that she would be happier without me; I was leaving her; it was because I had convinced myself that my way will be better. A few months from now, it will all blow over and life will be back to normal.

Can I share with you from personal experience…if you are contemplating or involved sin…here is what I learned the hard way:

  • A few months from now the grass will not be greener
  • A few months from now the lie will not be truth
  • A few months from now your kids will not be over it
  • A few months from now your pornography addiction will not be more manageable
  • A few months from now text messages will be more sensual not less
  • A few months from now seeing your kids every other weekend will still suck
  • A few months from now you won’t be happier without your husband
  • A few months from now what you’re hiding will not be easier to bury
  • A few months from now you will be even more exhausted than you are right now
  • A few months from now you’ll be further away from God than you ever thought possible

We are a product of our decisions. What you decide today…the compromise you choose today…the justification you settle for today…will greatly affect who you are and who you become a few months from now.

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