How can we best serve you?

That is our sincere desire as you look for a speaker for your church, conference, event or retreat. We can bring our own conference to your location; be a guest speaker for you on a Sunday morning; be a keynote speaker at your event or a combination of any of these options. We are here to help you accomplish your vision.

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We partner with churches, para-church organizations, denominations and leadership conferences all over the country to create an environment that fosters honesty and transparency.

Some notable conferences with whom we partner:

  • Lifeway’s Festival of Marriage Conference
  • Velocity Church Planting Conference
  • Exponential Conference
  • MOPS International Conference
  • dotMOM Conference

Refine Our Marriage Conference:

We bring a 6-session marriage conference to your church on a Friday evening and half day Saturday. We share our story as a spring board to help couples choose the path to the marriage God has in mind. We cover topics such as:
  • Intimacy
  • Truth-telling
  • Conflict resolution
  • Sexual intimacy
  • Forgiveness and Resentment
  • Living Intentionally

Here’s what couples are saying about our events:

“I went into the retreat thinking my marriage had no problems but the sessions made me think about asking my spouse some tough questions. I wasn’t expecting the answers I got. They were honest. It hurt. But we will be better in the long run because of it.”

“God is still working on us through the things we learned over the weekend. It has been so helpful. Thank you both.”

“I thought it was real, raw and inspiring truth to our marriage.”

Sunday Services:

We are often asked to share our story with larger audiences as a part of a marriage series or to be a special guest for a specific Sunday. We speak at several churches each year and consider it an honor to partner with churches.

Here are just a few we’ve served:


Other Opportunities to Partner with You

  • One day marriage events
  • Women’s Events
  • Men’s Events
  • Marriage Retreats and Weekends
  • Leadership Conferences
  • Denominational Conferences
  • Consulting churches and denominations on moral failure

Here’s what churches say after working with us:


Justin and Trisha share a story of pain, heartache and redemption. Our congregation identified with the depths of their pain and the hope that ultimately emerged. The weekend they shared in each of our weekend services was one of the highlights of the year.

Tim Stevens, Executive Pastor, Granger Community Church


I want to highly recommend this message for your congregation. They have an important message to share, and they both point unashamedly to Jesus. Whether you have people in your church who are married or single, struggling with an inappropriate relationship, martially drifting, or not, this message rings loud and true. God is after our hearts, and he desires for us to be pure.

-Todd Gaston, Senior Pastor, Mount Ararat Baptist Church


Their candid and sometimes gut-­‐wrenchingly painful testimony of a marriage that traveled the downward spiral of complacency, to indifference, to marital unfaithfulness held our congregation spellbound, and their story of repentance, restoration, and healing by the power of God’s love was riveting! Many who heard them were challenged to seek that same renewal and recommitment in their own marriages. The testimony was memorable and powerful.

We at Traders Point Christian Church affirm Justin and Trisha’s marriage ministry. We hope you will be as blessed by them as we have been.

-Aaron Brockett, Lead Minister, Traders Point Christian Church


Justin and Trisha Davis are a couple whom God is using in a powerful way.  Their willingness to openly share their mistakes and pain makes them so approachable.  Their story of God’s grace and forgiveness encouraged the couples in our church to take an honest look at their own relationships.  Justin and Trisha were a delight to work with, and any group would be blessed to hear from them.

Jeff Powell, Pastor, First Hattiesburg Church

In a day when marriages in the church are disintegrating, Justin and Trisha Davis confront the culprits head on.  What a powerful confession of brokenness and pain and the power of God to bring hope and restoration to any marriage.  Our people are still talking about their openness and how amazed that even pastors aren’t immuned to marital struggles.

Jeff Clark- Senior Pastor, First Hattiesburg Church

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